Amsterdam Canals in Winter
Amsterdam canal in winter/I amamsterdam, Edwin van Eis

As winter temperatures drop in Amsterdam, a visitor may want to find a toasty spot to warm up before they venture back out to the charming canals. Since Dutch table service is generously relaxed, you can usually linger all day once you’ve found your spot. When it comes to cold-weather... Read More

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Island
Flickr/Tom Bricker

Nighttime can be the best time to visit some destinations. From a Hawaiian volcano to a radio tower, here are five of our favorite places (and one bonus) worth staying up for. ... Read More

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graffiti art tours in los angeles, london, nyc, and more
Flickr/Allan Harris

Want to explore a city from a unique perspective? Sign up for a graffiti tour. You’ll learn the rich history of street art, view the community’s best tags and murals, and maybe meet some of the local artists. Some tours even conclude with a workshop that lets you create... Read More


Many hotel brands are becoming more conscious of their role in environmental preservation — think solar panels, bathroom missives urging you to reuse your towel, and furnishings made from recycled materials — but leave it up to progressive Amsterdam to create a small and affordable hotel chain entirely focused... Read More

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If you’re traveling internationally or even just across the country, chances are you’ll have a layover somewhere during your journey. Rather than waiting for hours inside the airport, why not take advantage of your location and head into the city? You’ve already paid to get there, after all. Whether... Read More

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At the beginning of the boutique hotel boom, luxury was defined by money; how much of it you had and what it could buy you. But that has long since changed. The emergence of creative “lifestyle” hotels have transformed the industry — as the annual LE Miami trade show in South... Read More

vinyls - steve snodgrass - 620

A big part of the travel experience is bringing a piece of it home, so you can remember where you’ve been long after you’ve returned. We recommend skipping the chintzy souvenir shops and loading up on genuine local goods instead. Here, four ways to find items that really represent... Read More

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hilton garden inn 1

While overnight layovers can be a great excuse to explore (albeit briefly) an unknown city, the reality is you often end up too far from the airport. On the other hand, airport-adjacent lodging is rarely anything to write home about. Thank goodness, then, for these ten European airport hotels... Read More

amsterdam schiphol airport park - 620

No joke. When I recently stopped over at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on the way to France, I was disappointed to only spend an hour there. Happily, I got a good three hours to scamper around on the return trip, and now I want to share the love. Here are nine... Read More

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Helsinki Airport

Ah, airport layovers. Few of us will ever actually look forward to them, but there are some airports where top-notch facilities make waiting for a connection much easier. Here’s a list… ... Read More


Outside the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, if the weather’s pleasant, you may find yourself approached by a tall Canadian man called Neil. Do not be alarmed: for he is Amsterdam resident, part-time comedian and joint-owner of local company ‘Those Dam Boat Guys’, and this tends to be his prime spot for... Read More

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The great thing about traveling to Europe is that you can experience some of the world’s greatest art for an entirely reasonable price. With an abundance of free and low-cost museums, the world’s masterpieces are yours to savor. But which do you see first? Upon arrival in Europe’s capitals... Read More

Amsterdam London Eurostar

Whenever we think of the Netherlands, lots of us immediately recall an all-night excursion we took back in college from London to Amsterdam. Being rough-and-tumble, empty-pocketed students, we had no qualms about the cumbersome bus-to-a-train-to-a-ferry-to-another-train journey, and our bleary-eyed arrival into Amsterdam was offset by the sheer joy of... Read More

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Take a minute and ask yourself which of the following two activities you did on your most recent trip: checked out a new art exhibit, or went shopping at the mall? I’m embarrassed to admit the latter. Not that I go out of my way to find the malls... Read More

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Why settle for a boring hotel room when you can stay somewhere that takes your trip to a whole new level? Though many Airbnb listings feature normal, furnished apartments and homes for short-term rental, there are also quite a few lighthouses, houseboats, and castles available around the globe – most... Read More