Lisbon Oriente/Flickr: spbatt
Lisbon Oriente/Flickr: spbatt

From Brexit and the Greek crisis to the state of Spanish politics, Europe may be in a turbulent period right now but, for visitors, there is one travel service that reliably sews the continent together: the Eurail pass, now nearly sixty years old. Eurail was established at another critical time in... Read More

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 Tahiti/flickr/Mayumi Ishikawa
Tahiti/flickr/Mayumi Ishikawa

Tahiti is a place where romance thrives. French Polynesia’s popular Society Islands teem with honeymooners and anniversary celebrators, all happily paired off and in their own private worlds. But if you’re a solo traveler and still want to experience the incredible beauty of French Polynesia, you’re not alone. Here are five ways to... Read More

Bonnie Lake in Alaska
Bonnie Lake/Flickr/Cecil Sanders

Due to its weather patterns and reputation for cold, Alaska has always been considered a summer destination. But maybe it’s time to give fall another look. Sure, colors are changing all across North America, but nowhere else can compete with the seasonal transition occurring in Alaska, both in the... Read More

Shaved ice
Shaved ice/Facebook/Ice Monster

Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei is packed with a plethora of palate-pleasing surprises. Even better, prices for many eats are wallet friendly at $3 to $11 USD. Here’s what we reach for when craving something cheap and delicious in this vibrant city. 1. Bubble tea If you’re going to have bubble tea, you might as well have it... Read More

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Guestroom at The L Hotel in Miami, Florida

For most of the country, December and January are chilly months that drive travelers to seek warmer locales. From Miami Beach to San Diego, here are four travel deals that are guaranteed to save you money and bring you farther away from the cold and closer to sunshine. From $99: Lafayette Hotel Swim Club... Read More