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10 Travelers Who Annoy My Family


10-travelers-who-annoy-my-familyTravelers with kids have a fundamental thing in common with travelers who don’t have kids, which is that both groups do things on the road that annoy me and my family. I can’t speak for other vacationing parents, but I’m certain they’re familiar with some of the people described here.

1. The person who reclines his or her seat into my kid
I don’t have an issue with people who recline their airplane seat, but before violently rocking it back, check if there’s a child behind you. If there is, recline gradually. If you’re the child’s parent, be proactive and ask that passenger in front of your child to let you know if and when they intend to recline their seat.

2. The traveler who holds hot coffee above my child’s head
I’m appalled by how many people at airports, parents among them, carelessly suspend coffee cups above the heads of their kids and others who may be nearby. Stop it.

3. Any grownup who talks directly to my kid
Don’t ever speak directly to my child unless I’ve already engaged you in conversation. This especially applies to middle-aged men. Complimenting my daughter on her looks may seem harmless, but pass the compliment through me first, otherwise, you’re just creepy.

4. The restaurant-goer who preemptively makes a face at my family
You walk into a restaurant, see my family sitting there, and without provocation you look horrified and dramatically pantomime to the hostess that you must be seated far from us. If you don’t want to sit near us, fine, but be more subtle about it. Then again, based on your behavior, we don’t want to sit near you either.

5. The woman who gives me a dirty look when I emerge from the ladies room with my kids
When my daughters were toddlers and a restaurant’s single-stall men’s room was occupied, I’d drag them with me into the single-stall ladies room, often emerging to find a woman scowling at us. I’m annoyed with myself now for apologizing to these women.

6. The kid who splashes in the hotel pool
You know the kid I’m talking about. He literally can’t turn around in the pool without excessively splashing my family. Ask him to calm down, please. Per rule #3, I can’t ask myself.

7. The child who hovers over mine at the arcade
If my kid is playing a game at an arcade, it’s not endearing if your child hovers too close, tries to push buttons or otherwise interferes with my kid’s turn. Pull your child back, and instruct him to take a chill pill.

8. Parents who let their kids wander away from them in line
Your family is behind mine in line at a theme park and your children start sliding next to us and inevitably, ahead of us, in line. Yes, I’m aware you probably don’t intend to let your kids cut us once the line starts moving, but their wandering ahead makes us anxious.

9. The cursing hotel elevator dudes
If I’m riding a hotel elevator with my kids and two or more guys in their twenties get on, one of them will inevitably drop the F bomb before the door even slides shut. I’m often tempted to ask, “Would you gentlemen mind watching your language?” but I don’t always follow that advice myself, so that would make me a hypocrite.

10. The family who feels entitled to sit together on the bus
You board a bus with your kid, don’t find two seats together, and get hostile when no one immediately responds to your request to switch seats. Your attitude annoys me because your technique is all wrong. The key is to wait it out silently for at least ten awkward seconds until another passenger caves in.

Who annoys you when traveling with your family?

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  • Diane says:

    I’m a kid-free traveler, and I could make a much longer list of things that parents and kids do that annoy me or even offend me. Some of this makes sense, of course. Hot coffee… obviously precaution should be exercised. But you think it’s okay, as a man, to take your kids in the ladies’ room? Not okay, ever, for any reason. And what’s with the warning on the seat reclining? They move all of two inches if you’re lucky. Your kid is not going to get hurt by shifting upholstery. Now let’s talk seat-kicking …

  • Kim-Marie says:

    Can we talk about the people who blow their nose next to you on the airplane? Yes, thanks for the germs, and the lunch ruining visual.

  • Megy Karydes says:

    When I traveled monthly for business and didn’t have kids at the time, I will admit that being seated next to a young child made *me* anxious because I was convinced I would have to attend a meeting with orange juice all over my suit. Of course that never happened because *most* parents w/ little kids on a plane try their hardest to occupy them so they aren’t disruptive to others.

    I have to agree with Diane, though, and don’t feel it’s appropriate for a man to take his daughter into the women’s restroom for reasons too numerous to include in this comment.

    I get annoyed when people yell at their kids to either behave or use inappropriate language when, in reality, had they simply come more prepared they could have avoided the need to raise their voice or curse at their children. We’ve gotten savvy about bringing snacks and water bottles with us because you just never know when you’re going to find yourself waiting *much* longer than you think for a rental car or a lunch counter.

  • Jen says:

    I understand several of these things. I will take the screaming child over the loud men on a boy’s weekend discussing the previous night’s escapades (which happened to us on our last plane ride). I almost hoped a child would start screaming and misbehaving so my children wouldn’t ask me what some of that stuff meant.

  • Stef says:

    Are you kidding, Do not speak directly to your child?! Your child is not a God or a supreme being. They NEED to learn how to interact with others. While I will agree with you about the creepy middle aged man complimenting your daughtes looks, EWW! Asking another persons child to calm down in the pool or (ex:) the flight hostess asking your child what they want to drink. Should not have to go through you, remember the saying “it takes avillage to raise a child”. Your rule #3 makes you sound like the ultimate helicopter parent. My children are taught to answer when spoken to and obey rules even if spoken by another adult. I know there are several times they try to be sneaky and I miss the moment. I am then very grateful for the adult that reminds them to calm down, use an inside voice, etc. However, I love to “Parent” the cursing adults in the elevator, So Rude and clueless!

  • ConnieFoggles says:

    Love all of these. I’ll add – anyone who doesn’t cover their face when they cough or sneeze, loud talkers of any kind, people who are drunk (get a room), and rude/uppity front desk clerks or flight attendants (get a new job).

  • Tina Jose says:

    The guy with extra long legs who keeps jiggling his feet which constantly whack my seat. Thankfully planes sometimes have free seats

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