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Despite growing up in New York City, Evelyn is an outdoors enthusiast, and has hiked, skied, rafted, gone scuba diving and enjoyed the beaches and sunsets in nearly 100 countries. Her work has appeared in print in several AAA publications, in-flights including American Way and UAL Hemispheres, Travel & Leisure and the New York Times. Evelyn is also a longtime automotive journalist specializing in green cars, and has been known to put on a helmet to test drive something new on a racetrack at warp speed. She writes the column Freewheeling, syndicated by Motor Matters, and also writes for her own two websites, and
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5 Things to Avoid Wearing at the Airport
Flickr/dan paluska

It’s no fun being stuck on an endless TSA security line because a newbie in front of you has to practically disrobe or sets off the metal detector. Here are five things to avoid wearing so you aren’t that person. ... Read More

st augustine, florida boats

St. Augustine, Florida, just a half hour from Jacksonville airport, is celebrating its 450th birthday in September. (It was founded 55 years before the Puritans landed at Plymouth Rock!) And while the big fanfare is happening in the fall with a week of concerts, exhibits, re-enactments, and other events, we... Read More

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Crested Butte Mountain Resort ski and snowboard
Crested Butte Mountain Resort

The most intense snowfall of the year is (hopefully) just about over, but there are plenty of reasons to hit the slopes in spring. Skiers and snowboarders will find soft powder, endless sunshine, and temperatures warm enough for lingering outdoors après ski, and fun events like slush slaloms and pond... Read More

 Lake Charles, Louisiana’s Other Mardi Gras Spot

The parades are just as colorful, the costumes just as lavish, and the music and food are just as non-stop. But Mardi Gras in Lake Charles, Louisiana is more civilized (and more suitable for all-ages fun) than the bigger and more famous one in New Orleans, just 90 minutes away. Here... Read More

Tupelo CVB Elvis 1
Tupelo CVB

Fans of the King of Rock and Roll often flock to Graceland — but it isn’t the only place where the crooner is memorialized. The Mississippi city of Tupelo, where Elvis Presley was born, celebrates its native son year-round, especially on his birthday, January 8. This year, which would have marked the... Read More

xtreme experience

Ever dream of driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren at warp speed on a racetrack? Track experiences are popular for their pure adrenaline rushes and frequently top bucket list items. They typically begin with some classroom instruction from pro race drivers about understeering, oversteering, down-shifting, and anticipating turns. You then get... Read More

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    bubble tea - christine wei

    In Taiwan, where bubble tea was invented, making this beverage is much more complicated than simply adding tapioca pearls, sugar, and ice to a glass of tea. For an out-of-the-box travel excursion, take a class at the Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House in Taichung, a 90-minute drive outside... Read More


    Need an affordable excuse this winter to return to a favorite mountain or try a new one? You can now opt to ski or snowboard more than 200 lifts on 15 mountains in the US and Canada with one money-saving pass. The Mountain Collective offers up more than 38,000 acres... Read More