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Aly Walansky (@AlyWalansky) is a travel and beauty writer based in New York City. Her greatest loves include her shih tsu, dirty martinis, and finding covert ways to watch her daytime soap operas from exotic destinations around the world.
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usb powered travel accessories - fan, heated jacket, cleanser brush
Kikkerland fan/Venture Heat jacket/Michael Todd petite cleanser

When you’re traveling, power outlets can sometimes be difficult to come by, whether you’re trying to charge up from an airport, your hotel room, or a café. But if you travel with a laptop or a power bank, you’re in luck — there are tons of travel accessories these days... Read More

Huettenpalast (2)_Copyright Jan Brockhaus
Jan Brockhaus

For the experimental traveler, Germany seems to have quirky accommodations covered, from a wine barrel in the Black Forrest to a pay-as-you-wish drainpipe just outside of Dusseldorf. And, even better, most are under $175 per night. ... Read More

fitbit and mophie, must-have travel accesories 2
Fitbit; Mophie

Thanks to heavy baggage fees, travelers have become obsessed with packing as little as possible and cramming all their belongings into their carry-ons whenever possible. But as we streamline, some items we pack over and over again because they’re crucial to making our trips as seamless as possible. We... Read More

hacienda encantada, cabo san lucas, mexico
Hacienda Encantada

Since the days of dude ranches (they’re still out there!), we’ve been attracted to the hassle-free aspect of all-inclusive vacations. Once we arrive, we can store the wallet and relax. But along the way, all-inclusive resorts have since gotten a lot of stigma — earning a reputation for being tacky, comprising... Read More

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Robert's Maine Gril1
Robert’s Maine Grill

There’s some incredible food south of the Mason Dixon line, no doubt. But if you aren’t traveling to that stretch of land anytime soon, you can find some fine options all over the United States. From California to Maine, here are 14 of our favorites.   ... Read More

cantina rooftop nyc

Ever go somewhere and have such a great time that you never want to leave? The concept of a hybrid venue has been taking hold — be it some place that’s a cafe by day and a bar by night or a restaurant that turns into a nightclub after-hours... Read More

chargers and converters
Flickr_Alan Levine

Power problems are a major pain in the you-know-what for travelers. Every country seems to have its own voltage and requires its own adapters, accounting for power as well as outlet shape. Even more confusingly, not all adapters work for all devices — we’ve often found, for example, the... Read More

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l'auberge de sedona, arizona
L’Auberge de Sedona

Sometimes, the best trip is the one you take with yourself. When you’re traveling solo, you get to explore a destination on your own terms with no compromise — and to fully engage with the destination. Here are just six places that we think are great for one. ... Read More

lush solid shampoo and soap (no more worrying about TSA toiletry rules)

For those of us who travel often, keeping our toiletry and beauty essentials within TSA limits just got easier. Thanks to the brave new world of beauty, some of our traditional mainstays now come in solid form. (This means a lighter bag, too, if you’re backpacking anywhere this summer.) These are... Read More

6 Must-Eat Street Foods of Jerusalem
Flickr/Julien Menichini

Every budget-savvy travelers loves a good street food destination, and Jerusalem is one of the best. From classic vegetable stalls to fragrant falafel stands, here’s what you should order for affordable eats when you’re in the city. ... Read More

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    cruise periscope

    At some point or another, a cruise is usually in order for most travelers. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or great views, non-stop entertainment or lots of culture, there’s something out there to fit the bill. But, speaking of the bill, these escapes aren’t always cheap. After all... Read More

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      We all want to travel smart and healthy — but that’s often easier said than done. Long layovers at the airport, tight connections, and tired caffeine and carb crashes can lead to making bad choices. The best tool for making the right decisions is being prepared — and knowing... Read More

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      hand sanitizer, water bottle, clorox wipes
      Christine Wei

      These days, many of us are traveling longer distances more often — and as much as we may be getting used to the airport nuances, the flight experience is no less draining. But no one wants to start a trip feeling battered and tired with cricks everywhere. Here are the eight... Read More

      How to Dress for a Long Flight: 4 Myths Busted
      Christine Wei

      There are packing tips that all travelers know to follow for long-haul flights — bring layers, grab some earplugs, and maybe slip on an eye mask. But there’s plenty of talk out there, like the suggestion of wearing our heaviest items to save luggage space, that actually would make... Read More

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      money saving travel apps for iphone and android

      We’re all about saving money while traveling, but the need for convenience and unexpected complications can bust a budget in a hurry. These apps can come through in a pinch, helping with everything from finding a ride to a fast, affordable meal. ... Read More