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Thailand’s picture-perfect islands, along with its bustling capital, may soon become a little more expensive to visit. Officials at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports are considering a new rule that would require visitors to have travel medical insurance before entering, noting that uninsured tourists are currently racking up... Read More

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Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey
Kingda Ka/Facebook.com/SixFlagsGreatAdventure

Testing the limits of physics and defying gravity, the world’s fastest roller coasters zoom their way into the record books at white-knuckle speeds. Hold on tight — really tight — as these five mega-coasters guarantee the heart-pounding ride of a lifetime. 1. Formula Rossa at Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi) The world-record holder since its... Read More

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sfo terminal 3

Airport terminals around the globe are stepping things up a notch with high-tech designs, indoor art museums, and speedier ways through passport control. Here are seven new(ish) airport terminals we love flying in and out of: ... Read More

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Dubai is a city of superlatives, but Cheapest Vacation Destination is generally not among them. While it might be too much to hope for prices that match South East Asia or even nearby Egypt, the United Arab Emirates doesn’t have to be a budget-buster. If you’re planning to pass... Read More

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A simple roundtrip flight between New York and Dubai in late May can cost up to $1,200 on Emirates, the nation-state’s main carrier. Not exactly a bargain, considering you’d be forking over another thousand or two on lodging alone (Dubai’s low season doesn’t really get going until late June, when the... Read More

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There’s been a bit of a stir this week concerning a new U.S. Customs facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport, which is now offering preclearance for all U.S. citizens heading directly to the United States from Abu Dhabi. That means that U.S. citizens can pass through American customs before they... Read More

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Ready to spend some of your holiday money? If you’re looking to get some overseas R&R, two airlines just announced sales, right in time for the New Year. ... Read More

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A quick glance at Qatar Airways’ current “Bigger World Promotion” will tell you two things: the folks at Qatar are really excited to join up with Oneworld Alliance (which will place them alongside British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Royal Jordanian, in addition to offering shared mileage among all the member airlines); second... Read More

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Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates is a great place to travel in the Middle East, with luxurious amenities and safe surroundings. It also offers a great currency exchange rate for Americans – about $1 to 3.67 dirhams. The city of Abu Dhabi – a 250-square-mile shock of seaside skyscrapers perched... Read More

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In life, being in the right place at the right time can come down to serendipity, but in travel, it is almost always the result of good planning. To avoid crowds and inflated prices, we recommend the period between high and low seasons when the weather is fine, places... Read More

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Abu Dhabi Hotels for Less

Abu Dhabi is new to the tourism game. But despite its newbie status, the oil-rich emirate is quickly becoming a destination to reckon with. Whether you’re looking for outdoor thrills (camel rides through the desert), an adrenaline rush (the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World), or a dose... Read More

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Adrian Sadlier/St. Patrick’s Festival

Green beer, nearly legal drinking in the streets, and raucous, overcrowded parades; they all come to mind when we think of St. Patty’s Day. But the holiday isn’t just an excuse for the Irish (and the “Irish For A Day” types) to get a bit boisterous.  ... Read More

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Great American Steamboat CompanyCruise down the mighty Mississippi on one of the best new itineraries this year

By: Elissa Richard We’ve navigated our way across the seven seas to single out the top 10 cruises in 2012 that are most likely to be making waves, from new behemoth boats plying Caribbean and Mediterranean waters to intimate luxury vessels exploring emerging, off-the-path ports. Make your maritime match with... Read More

View from Villa at Qasr Al Sarab

Although rare these days, getting there can still be half the fun. How, you ask? Travel via Abu Dhabi and stay a few days at Qasr Al Sarab (www.qasralsarab.anantara.com), a surreal romantic resort managed by Anantara and located 90 minutes from the city amid the massive golden sand dunes of... Read More