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New York lawmakers seem determined to make the already expensive state even pricier for its tourists. Just two weeks after New York Governor David Patterson signed a bill that makes it illegal to rent condo and apartments out for less than one month, the state passed a measure that will... Read More

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mediterranean cruise

By: Zach Custer, Amber Nolan & Elina Vaysbeyn Sailing the storied waters of the Mediterranean offers a sense of romance and adventure on the high seas that is virtually unsurpassed, with its shimmering, cerulean sea providing access to a staggering array of diversified ports, ranging from sleepy old-world fishing villages... Read More


The excitement in South Africa surrounding the 19th Soccer World Cup is intense. Having left Cape Town just before the beginning of the competition, after a five-month stay, I can attest to the adrenaline that’s pumping into the country. The tournament is well on the way now, teams have... Read More


New York’s landmark Plaza will be the first hotel to provide iPads with a new virtual concierge application (available in every room and suite come September 2010). The iPads – preloaded with newspapers, travel and business applications – will feature easy access (hello, touch screen) to services like ordering... Read More


There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel, opening your bag, and finding that your shampoo bottle has exploded, unless, of course, your prized possession was already confiscated by airport security because it was just over the 3.4-ounce regulation size. Suite Arrival, a new and unique concierge service, provides... Read More


Exhausted but excited, I headed to the airport to meet my friends and catch a super-early (6.07am) flight to Panama. The last thing anyone expected to hear when I handed my passport to the ticket clerk was an emotionless, expressionless “hmm . . . your passport expires in 2.5... Read More

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With so many hotels touting their “green” credentials these days, it’s hard to figure out which ones are eco-friendly and which are just jumping on the eco-band wagon. Here are our picks for the best “green” hotels, as well as a few resources to find more eco-friendly properties no... Read More

Flickr/GunnaTimes Square is a glitzy tourist trap, with overpriced chain restaurants and flashy attractions

Chalk it up to guilty pleasure, but even the savviest, most sophisticated travelers (not to be confused with mere tourists) can find themselves with a soft spot for an out-and-out tourist trap. We’re certainly not immune, and even though our editors concede that each attraction on this list of... Read More


Goodbye travel agents. Hello iPhone. Booking a luxury vacation has become that much easier, thanks to the new Four Seasons iPhone and iPod Touch application that let’s you book overnights at one of their many hotels worldwide with just the swipe of a finger. Find a room, peruse and... Read More

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Santa Monica, California The Deal Take a $100 dining credit and a discount of about $310 per night Stay The Huntley is a smart, seaside boutique hotel. Oceanview rooms reflect a glam-deco grace and the Penthouse restaurant and lounge on the 18th floor has fabulous views and food. Details Stay two nights... Read More

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Virgin AmericaOne of the many hip budget airlines to enter the market, Virgin America’s planes tout sleek in-cabin design and mood lighting

Despite economic woes, the global budget airline boom remains a hallmark of the new millennium, bringing the jet-set lifestyle to the money-mindful masses like never before. With today’s exciting crop of chic low-cost carriers, passengers can pay peanuts for their fares, but look forward to much more than peanuts... Read More


The sassy guidebook series, LUXE City Guides, has recently launched their own hotel booking site, featuring over 100 hotels in the 31 cities they cover. The sort of one-stop shop provides travelers with detailed, insider reviews (they tell you which units are best and point out any not-so-fab facets... Read More

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By: Andrew Hickey, Amber Nolan & Elissa Richard Now, more than ever, travelers are seeking out vacation options that offer the best bang for their buck. And time and time again, a cruise vacation from a nearby “homeport” tops this list not only for its tremendous value, but for its... Read More

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Hotels vie for their stars and diamonds. After all, these status symbols represent the best of the best accommodations in North America and are valued and respected by the travel community. And, although, a hotel’s number of stars or diamonds (5 being the ultimate grade) is one of the... Read More

iStock InternationalSave on airline fees and enjoy your next flight with our expert advice

By: Elissa Richard The great airline fee boom that first kicked off in 2008 is undoubtedly here to stay – it’s afforded a big-time budget boost to domestic airlines, morphing into ever-larger and stranger manifestations over the last couple of years. It’s little wonder then that air travelers might find... Read More