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repositioning cruise

By: Elissa Richard “Repositioning” cruises touch on a tantalizing trifecta for cruisers, offering tremendous value, unique (albeit lengthy) itineraries, and lots of long, laid-back days at sea. Occurring mostly in spring and fall, these one-off seasonal sailings typically unfold whenever a ship needs to relocate from one location where tourism... Read More

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Joie de VivreRates under $200/night make Hotel Adagio a top pick for San Francisco budget hotels

By: Kristin Luna Due to its unpredictable weather – warmth and sunshine in January; cold and fog in July – San Francisco is a city with neither a high season nor a low season. Rather, it can put a dent in your wallet year round. But finding a deal on... Read More

iStock International

By: Suzanne Steinert No matter the amount of careful budgeting, trips nowadays, at home or abroad, tend to cost more than you planned – a catch-22 that’s especially true in big cities, which can sneakily suck bank accounts dry. But guess what? Many of the world’s most popular – and... Read More

Fred Olsen Cruise LinesAll Fred Olsen ships offer 40 to 64 solo cabins, perfect for those cruising single

The prospect of sailing the high seas sounds a siren call for the solo traveler – offering an ocean of opportunity to mingle with like-minded travelers in the same boat as you (quite literally!), as well as ample activities and experiences both onboard and in port catered to your... Read More

The Standard DowntownThe great rooftop at The Standard Downtown is reason enough to stay here – the rates for less than $200/night seal the deal

By: Shaena Engle Los Angeles is practically synonymous with celebrity and style, with a roster of luxury hotels epitomizing Tinseltown’s glitz and glamour. Visitors lured to the sprawling city, graced by miles of sandy beaches and canyon-cut mountains, covet all its pleasures – its laidback lifestyle, infamous nightlife, trendy restaurants... Read More

Photos.comLook to these international car rental tips for the green light to rent confidently on your next big road trip

By: Suzanne Steinert There’s nothing quite like the independence that comes with having your own set of wheels on vacation. It sure beats surrendering to the confines of a crowded tour bus or the whims of public transport. Unfortunately, renting a car overseas isn’t always easy as it often entails... Read More

Milan Fashion

Anyone with a stylish bone in their body is easily inspired by Milan. It truly is the epicenter of the fashion world and just walking around the city puts you right in the middle of it – store windows along most every block reveal the latest and greatest designer... Read More

As ocean-plying vessels continue to expand in size to monstrous proportions, many cruise aficionados have set their sights on river cruising as a way to return to the calm, quiet, serenity of small-ship travel. Cruising European rivers allows passengers to get into the heartlands and villages that are often... Read More

iStock InternationalShare travel photos and stories with the Gowalla travel app

By: Brooke Schoenman Smartphone apps make the world go ‘round, and some just help us get around the world. Just think of all the everyday travel mishaps – language barriers, bad meals, flight delays – you can avoid (or stealthily handle) if only your phone is armed with these handy... Read More

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Bucuti Beach Resort on Aruba

Spring is a great time for a romantic getaway – either to Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, or the West Coast – so here are four tips to help you maximize your enjoyment of the destination, and each other, while away à deux: Avoid kids and conferences: Nothing wrecks a... Read More

travel apps cheap gas

Here we go with Round Two of the Great App-Doors: five more of those handy little apps that make adventure traveling so much sweeter. Considering the warp-speed operating mode of life these days, there’s a chance my selections might be outdated by, oh, the next minute, but here’s to... Read More

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San Juan February School Break

When I went from being a father of two to a father of three I got many “What were you thinking?” comments from friends, other parents, supermarket cashiers – virtually anyone who felt comfortable observing that my wife and I had exceeded some maximum. And you know who else... Read More

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Bergen Railway/Rolf SorensenNorway’s Bergen Line easily makes the list of the top train trips in Europe

By: Molly Fergus Train travel in the Old World maintains a certain mystique for many travelers – and it’s little wonder: With scads of culture, 47 countries packed into a region slightly larger than the U.S., and exhaustive tracks that go everywhere from the plains of Spain to the eastern... Read More

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By: Ondine Cohane Just over a decade ago, the mayor of Solidaridad, Mexico, suggested a sexy-sounding new nickname for his municipality. The idea stuck and now the particularly scenic stretch of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is known as the ... Read More


Expedia has entered the realm of blind booking – a space dominated by competitors like Priceline, Travelocity, and even its sister company, Hotwire. With the adopted “Unpublished Rates” option, Expedia will be able to save customers some $50 per night . . . if the customer is up for... Read More