Visa Terminal

Keeping your funds in a money clip and your passport in a fanny pack is a great start to guarding your essentials when traveling, but these days, you also need to consider digital safeguards. Yes, there’s certainly a fair bit of misinformation and fear-mongering when it comes to keeping... Read More

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TSA Pre-Check

Most would agree that flying today is better than in years past, but one thing is for certain: it takes a lot longer to get from the curb to your airline seat. By asking every individual on a commercial flight to remove belts, shoes, liquids, laptops, coats, and spare... Read More

Travel Gear for When You're Away

There are so many things to worry about when you’re traveling (delays, bad weather, theft, etc.), but what’s going on at home shouldn’t be one of them. In order to ease your (sometimes misplace) paranoia (did you lock the door on the way out?), I’ve found a few gadgets... Read More

Global Entry

Unless you’ve isolated yourself on a pristine island far, far away from the reach of U.S. politics, you’ve probably heard the word “sequester” uttered a time or two over the past few weeks. Even if you aren’t totally familiar with the impact of these budgetary cuts, one thing has... Read More

Dropcam HD camera

While it’s great to get away from the stresses of work, bills, and chores by going on vacation, being away from home creates a new cause for concern: the well-being of your house, belongings, and even pets that remain at home. When you head out of town – or... Read More

We’ve all been warned: “don’t lose your laptop.” Every employee at every company is told at some juncture that the information stored on their computer is tremendously important, and it would be damaging on a number of levels if that data were lost. In the past, backing up one’s... Read More

Airline Incidents

When we set out to document the Top 10 Airline Incidents of 2011, we had no idea some of the biggest newsmakers were still to come. Obviously, the snafu with the highest exposure and level of absurdity has been Alec Baldwin’s removal from an American Airlines flight last week for... Read More


There seems to be no shortage of TSA mishap stories these days, from spilled urostomy bags to abandoned body scanner radiation tests. (There are 540 scanners at over 100 airports. Check here to see if you’re traveling to one of them.) Although the TSA is moving toward shoes-on-security-lines, fewer... Read More

Airport Security

While the European Union announced Monday that they would be putting a halt to the use of potentially carcinogenic body scanners, the TSA holds that these machines are “still completely safe” and are “well within applicable national safety standards.” This is following an investigation conducted by ProPublica/PBS NewsHour that... Read More

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Airport Screening

Sorry, underage drinkers: Air travelers will have to leave their fake IDs at home starting early next year, as the TSA plans to introduce 30 document-scanning systems that will make it easier for screeners to spot fraudulent documents. TSA employees at select U.S. airport checkpoints will use the machines to... Read More

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Kids and airport security

Following up on last week’s announcement that the days of taking off your shoes in the airport security line are numbered, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Congress yesterday that the TSA will institute new policies at airport security checkpoints for children under 12. In the coming months, kids... Read More

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Airport Security

The days of air travelers having to take off their shoes during security screenings are numbered, according to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. “We are moving towards an intelligence and risk-based approach to how we screen,” she said at a recent forum in Washington, according to Bloomberg. The... Read More

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No need to wear your good underwear when going through security anymore. Starting today, the TSA is issuing new software that will make its controversial Advanced Imaging Technology a bit more private, according to a statement released this morning. The current body scanners – 500 are installed at 78 airports nationwide... Read More

General Mac Arthur

This spring I found myself in Manila, perhaps an unlikely choice for a city vacation, but the obvious first stop if your ultimate goal is to loll on any of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands, as mine was. Most visitors to Manila spend a layover night at the better-known chain... Read More

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Airport Security

Talks of federally legislated baggage requirements are swirling once again, this time in light of a U.S. Travel Association report released today that recommends the Transportation Security Administration rethink its screening tactics and require airlines to allot each passenger one free piece of checked luggage. The USTA commissioned the study... Read More