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Finland, fireworks
Fireworks in Finland/iStock

File under “seriously cool New Year’s Eve ideas:” ringing in 2018 twice in one night — once in Finland and again in Swedish Lapland — on this three-night Scandinavia trip. Priced at approximately $1,588 per person, the trip spans Dec. 30 to Jan. 2 and includes a three-night stay in... Read More

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Clink hostel

Here’s some good travel news: You don’t have to spend a fortune to travel in style. The recent rise of luxury hostels means that you can travel well and not break the bank. Forget being cramped up in a dorm room and imagine yourself chilling out on a rooftop... Read More

Tromso, Norway, Midnight Sun
Tromso, Norway at 11pm

Sure, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your trip — especially if you know where to find the most value for your dollar. Here’s how to stick to a budget in Tromso, a... Read More

Nyhaven, Copenhagen/iStock
Nyhaven, Copenhagen/iStock

Yes, Copenhagen is expensive. But you can absolutely see it on the cheap. For the budget-conscious, here are seven things not to miss. 1. Christiania Copenhagen’s infamous anarchist commune is like stepping inside a social experiment. Christiania citizens live in an entirely self-governing, community-owned society, with its own restaurants, bars, shops... Read More

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Scandinavian cuisine isn’t likely to win a popularity contest anytime soon. Characterized by stinky fish and mushy pâtés, it’s certainly not the most photogenic food out there. But, boy, is it delicious. Here are seven foods you must try on your next trip.  1. Herring This little fish is about as Scandinavian... Read More

Oslo from a Ferry
Oslo From a Ferry/Shelley Seale

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Scandinavia, but it’s also one of the most expensive to visit. Spending a weekend in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Oslo can be thrilling, but it can bust your travel budget. Here are some savvy ways to trim down your expenses while getting the... Read More

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The Nordland Railway by the Artic sirclen-Foto Fossum_72dpi_1280x857px_E_NR-2102
Eurail/Martin Kers

Train travel is a great way to get around on vacation, especially if you want to slowly immerse yourself into a destination. Sure, flights are often quicker if you’re traveling to multiple cities, but the train offers better views and allows you to forgo the hassle of airports and security lines. That’s... Read More

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Seabourn  Caviar in the Surf

Which cruise lines are making headlines this week? We’ve got the latest on ocean and river combo itineraries, a new East Coast cruise terminal, and more.   ... Read More

Bergen-Harbour Credit Bergen Tourist Board _ Willy Haraldsen - - 620 - 3

Ever since Bergen was the inspiration for the kingdom of Arendelle in the hit Disney film Frozen, this Norwegian town has been getting a lot of attention from travelers. But the city is more than a fairytale setting — although the vibrant colors on the historic buildings in Bryggen... Read More


Iceland has long been a typical stopover for passengers making the trip between North America and Europe, and Icelandair has now capitalized on Reykjavík’s perfect mid-North Atlantic location by offering passengers on flights from the U.S.A. or Canada free stopovers of up to seven days. If, however, you are... Read More

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Spring Cruise Deals

Don’t let the Carnival Cruise Line’s recent newsworthy items deter you from hitting the high seas. There are millions of cruises that sail each year without making the news. They have great customer service, activities for families, couples, and seniors, onboard entertainment, and unique ports around the world. Today... Read More

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Scandinavia sure is pretty, but she ain’t cheap. After doing a little deal-hunting detective work in the region’s dynamic capitals, however, I’ve happily determined that it’s entirely possible to set out for a budget break here, without breaking the bank. Whether you’ve set your budget-savvy sights on Oslo... Read More

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Poas Volcano Costa Rica

In 2010, it was Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull. This year, Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano is the one making headlines, spewing lava up to 100 feet in the air and forcing closures of several main access roads in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park since it erupted on March 5. A flight... Read More

Alps Edit

Lufthansa is giving travelers the opportunity to combine that coveted ski vacation with travel to Europe. Carve your way through Europe’s spectacular mountains by day and stroll its historic cities at night for as little as $266 each way! Take off to Milan, Munich, Oslo, Zurich, Vienna, Geneva, and... Read More

Ninja Lessons

Contemporary travel has become so ubiquitous and accessible that what once seemed like a lifetime dream – sailing the remote islands of the Pacific, for example – is not only do-able, it’s overdone. In addition, many of today’s travelers are looking for a more active experience than sunbathing or... Read More