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United Air Baggage DeliveryUnited Airlines announced today that they are expanding their baggage delivery service by BagsVIP. The service (launched just a month ago) allows you to skip the hassle of baggage claim and instead have your bags delivered to your home, hotel, or final destination.

The service is only available to customers departing from domestic airports and arriving in one of 36 cities. Among them are Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and Boston. Read more

Yes and Know book invisible inkAt the risk of sounding like a crotchety old man who incessantly starts every sentence with, “kids today,” I’d like to discuss kids today. Specifically, how kids pass the time while flying. I should preface all of this with the disclaimer that I am not a parent. There’s a reason that we have Paul Eisenberg cover family travel for us: he knows what he’s talking about. That said, I’m an observant traveler. Lately, I’ve been spending a great deal of time thinking about how kids kill time on long flights. Young children (and, by proxy, their parents) get lambasted for disturbing everyone on flights, so keeping them occupied is critical. Flying with kids is not a new concept, but devices like iPads, smartphones, and LeapPads are. So, are today’s kid-friendly entertainment options better than they were [wait for it] when I was a kid?

I decided to compare some of my favorite in-flight activities with what the kids are doing today. What’s better? What’s easier? What’s most beneficial for everyone sitting near all of these tiny travelers? There’s absolutely nothing scientific to this. It’s not a study. There’s no control group. It’s just me. You might disagree. That’s what comments and Twitter are for. Sound off whether you agree with me or think that I’m a nimrod (kids still call people nimrods, right?). Let’s get to it. Read more

uprright sleeper sleeping neckSleeping on planes is a tricky proposition. There is plenty of chaos going on around you (e.g., people eating, people getting up to use the restroom, people trying to open windows, etc.). Then there’s the small matter of falling asleep while seated upright. It’s not easy and can often lead to a sore neck by the end of the flight. Sure, there are pillows out there that provide support, but they’re far from ergonomic. If only there was something that could support our necks, keep our heads from falling onto our neighbors, and prevent us from jostling ourselves awake when our chins dip forward. I don’t want to remove any pillows from SkyMall Tuesday headquarters, so I’m at a loss. Thankfully, the good folks at SkyMall know that head support on airplanes is critical to our health. Now we can all fly in comfort with the UpRight Sleeper.

Read more

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