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Skellig MichaelBarcelona has its Sagrada Familia. Sydney has its white-hooded Opera House. And other places? Well, they’ve got steps – lots and lots of them. As the examples illustrate below, epic staircases aren’t just a way to reach higher ground. They can be major attractions unto themselves. From the fabled Ha’iku Ladder in Hawaii, to Norway’s never-ending Flørli Steps, these jaw-dropping ascents aren’t for the faint of heart. But once you get to the top, we think you’ll agree the views more than make up for the effort. Read more

ManchesterIf quaint cobbled streets, green pastures, and historic buildings are the first things that come to mind when you think of the UK, then perhaps you ought to consider flying directly to Manchester, rather than London, on your next visit. Among Brits, word is that 8 million-strong, immense London is too packed with tourists, international brands and absent landlords – so much so that it is losing its quintessential “British-ness.” Even Prince Charles recently noted the capital’s focus was on “faceless, poorly conceived” developments over “mansion blocks” and “garden squares.”

So where to go if you want a city that better represents life in the UK?

Manchester. Why? Here’s just a short list:

It’s home to the Industrial Revolution that changed the world. It’s known as the first truly modern city. It’s the home-base of the world’s most famous football team. And, last but not least, it’s the setting of the world’s longest running soap opera: Coronation Street. Here are just a few more reasons to make for Manchester rather than London: Read more

KabukichoGreat cities are always changing, and as property developers and big businesses move in, often the first neighborhoods to lose their character are those that operate on the margins – places where economies are decidedly underground. Even though a lot of that gritty neighborhood character is lost to history, there are audioguides out there that capture the essence of times gone by.  Next time you’re headed to New York, London, Tokyo, or Paris, plug in to one of these guides to experience a different, seamier side of city life.

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Elvis Diner JerusalemStuck forever in the era of boat-sized convertibles, Elvis memorabilia, and red-checkered tablecloths, these American-themed diners offer a nostalgic ride into ‘50s Americana while satisfying rumbling tummies. Although commonplace throughout the fifty states, you don’t tend to come across these neon-lit, chrome-plated structures anywhere else in the world. So if you happen to be abroad and craving a burger and a milkshake, here are twelve diners around the world that’ll transport you back home.

Visit the full slideshow here.

santignacioBritish Airways has just launched its discounted “daytripper fares” for travelers flying from London to a handful of European cities. The catch? (Or, perhaps the benefit?) You have to return to London in the same day. Round-trip tickets, including all taxes and fees, will cost £79 (about $130) to Dublin and Geneva, £89 (about $149) for Edinburgh and Rome and £99 (about $165) for Vienna and Munich. You can only travel with carry-on luggage from London’s Heathrow airport, and only on Saturdays or Sundays.

These fares are tailor-made for travelers who want to cram in a second destination with their London trip — a fairly common strategy, especially considering how easy it is to get to Paris, Scotland, or other parts of England by rail. Flying expands your options even more.

Of course, taking into account check-in, transfers, and flight time, this doesn’t leave you much time to enjoy that second destination. But if you really have the urge to pop across the Channel (or Irish Sea) for a few hours, here are some suggestions for quick, interesting itineraries you can accomplish in a day.

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Blue SmokeAfter the ride to the airport and the wait to get through security, the least you can expect from your airline of choice is a decent meal. But it rarely gets better than watery stir-fries or flavorless salads in the air. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a good cookie. So we were pleasantly surprised to learn that a few airlines are making a concerted effort to bolster their food options by teaming up with reputable restaurant brands that seriously know their food. Here’s what’s being served up in the skies right now: Read more

620x400_FlickrLauraMotta_LittleMermaidIf you’ve been entertaining the idea of a warm, sunny Caribbean getaway to reward yourself for making it through winter (hang in there, we’re almost in the clear!), here’s something to make you reconsider: Norwegian has just launched a “Nonstop Europe” sale with one-way flights starting at $201 to top urban spots like Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, and more. This is easily one of the best flight deals to Europe that’s currently available. Read more

wasbar-belgium-antwerp-gentAcross the globe, bookstores, beauty salons, and even laundromats are incorporating full bars into their ethos. And we’re not talking about attractions with a drink menu, or themed bars. These brilliant watering holes are true hybrids that patrons hit up for quality beverages and an additional service, whether it’s groceries or manicures. Bottoms up!

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Air B&B PropertyIntrigued by the cost-saving hallmarks of vacation home rentals but haven’t yet taken the plunge? Let this sweet limited time deal on Airbnb sway you. For first-time users only, the site is offering a night free (up to $300) when you book a stay for two nights or more.   Read more

Street Art in East LondonLong before the hipsters and the Olympics moved in, East London was one of the last solidly working class strongholds in the city. As the area has become more fashionable, prices have risen. But there are still ways to enjoy the East End on the cheap – as the many broke artists and students who congregate here could tell you… Read more

Crested ButteIt’s the first day of the rest of the year, and for us, that means only one thing: time to start making new travel plans! We’ve got about a million and one ideas cooking, but to narrow the playing field a bit, we’re taking a closer look at where we can go on the cheap. Here, a sampling of the best deals to be had to kick off 2014 – better hurry, though, some of these expire in just a few days! Read more

BrightonBy far the chicest, most cosmopolitan and most highly populated seaside resort in the UK, Brighton is famed for its creative spirit, liberal outlook, iconic piers and tooth-cracking candy. Its Victorian architecture, metropolitan style and growing number of resident commuters have all led to it being broadly known as “London by the sea.” With advance train tickets from the capital as low as $10, and a 45-minute journey time, a stopover during your next UK trip – armed with our insider tips – is a must. Read more

Virgin AtlanticWe have always loved Virgin Atlantic for their non-conformist leanings, great customer service, and sweet amenities, so they were perhaps the last airline we’d have predicted to join the annoying “Additional Fee Club.” Read more

620x400_iStock_000016406437Medium_TVonBeachIs there a better cure for a rainy day than plopping on the sofa and clicking to Netflix? Instead of indulging in two (or five) hours of The West Wing, why not enjoy a relaxing staycation and live vicariously through the adventurers around you? We’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite travel shows currently available in the U.S. for instant streaming on Netflix.

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620x400_iStock_000025437086Medium_SantabeachThere’s not long to go now, but if you are thinking about taking  a last-minute getaway for the holidays, here are a few hotels offering deals and special activities. Read more

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