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autumn - pixabay - 620Blazing red and orange leaves are some of the best reasons to travel in fall, and this year we wanted to find some unexpected foliage spots. So, of course, we turned to Instagram. After all, what other platform draws users who love to take beautiful photographs in the most picturesque parts of the world? We tapped into a few avid photographers’ feeds to bring you seven places to view vibrant foliage. Get ready to charge up your smartphone and hit the road…

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tokyonightWhile Tokyo is not nearly as unaffordable as common wisdom would have it, it’s certainly not a cheap place to visit – starting with the four-figures-and-counting price of the airfare to get there. But with a little bit of insider knowledge, you can enjoy Tokyo – including some of its ritizier trappings. Here’s how to do it.  Read more

move.shetland.orgLast month we gave you a pictorial run-down of 11 Otherworldly Snow and Ice Festivals Around the Globe. Now, in honor of the brave folks who are dealing with the snow and cold that’s cutting directly through the northeast, we bring you another slideshow that’s a little toastier: Fire Festivals from Around the World.

Included are festivals from Scotland, to Japan, to Guatemala. A few of these festivals are celebrated to mark the beginning of spring – such as Iran’s Sadeh festival, which honors fire and light over darkness. So settle in, warm up, and remind yourself: there are less than 40 days until the end of winter.

5 Must-Try Dishes of Keihanshin, JapanLike Japan itself, the country’s Keihanshin region (made up of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe) is renowned for its cuisine, including Kobe beef and sashimi. But there are also some lesser-known local delicacies that are worth a taste. If you’re looking to experience the gourmet side of Keihanshin’s culture, here are five must-try dishes and the best cities in which to sample them. Read more

Suntory Yamazaki WhiskyWhisky conjures up a bunch of feelings for me: First, I cringe a little (I’m more of a vodka-cranberry-type girl – I know, falling into a stereotype). Next, I think of either Tennessee, Kentucky, or Scotland, where whisky is best-known in my books. I definitely don’t think about Japan. But then again, maybe I should. Read more

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