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When we step into a hotel room we assume it’s going to be devoid of dirt, right? I’m not sure about you, but when I pay between $30 and $350 per night, I hope (read: expect) my room’s going to be squeaky – verging on lick-the-toilet – clean. Newsflash: it’s not. Between a rotating roster of bedfellows, it’s impossible to quarantine every single germ unless the room is wall-to-wall tile, and the clean-up involves industrial disinfectant and fire hoses spewing boiling water.

Before you get too worried, however, know that research shows that there are just a few ‘hot spots’ to watch out for if you’re concerned with clean. My approach is to perform a two-minute cleanliness sweep as soon as I enter the room using three of my five senses: sight, smell, and touch. After logging nearly 100 hotel nights in 2012, I’ve learned how to avoid the filth. Here are some tried-and-true hotel hygiene habits that I use to stay healthy on the road.

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De Odor Works DeodorantHaving covered SkyMall products for nearly four years, I’ve become a respected expert in the field of unnecessary miraculous gadgets. However, even I learn something new every day as I explore our favorite catalog. To truly understand these products, one must spend time researching, studying, and examining them from every angle. Before writing SkyMall Tuesday, I hunker down and learn everything that there is to know about the featured product. Sometimes, however, I need to reach out to experts in order to attain a true understanding of the item in question. This week, I sought out just such an expert. Thankfully, I am very well acquainted with someone who has all of the answers to SkyMall’s riddles. Join me as I interview myself to learn about De Odor Works Deodorant.

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