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El Castillo Chichen ItzaNow that 12/12/12 has passed, global attention has shifted to the next big date on the calendar: December 21, 2012.

The date – which marks the end of the Maya long-term calendar and, so say doomsday theorists, the end of the world – is expected to bring a surge of visitors to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador, the countries of the Mundo Maya. But even if you’re not headed there, you’ll surely be hearing about the hype of 12/21/12: the good, the bad, and the completely unfounded.

Enter Shannon Kring Buset, a world traveler, director, and tour guide to Maya lands who spent 18 months researching her award-winning documentary, 2012: The Beginning. In the film, Kring Buset dispels various doomsday myths through interviews with the world’s leading Maya archeologists, scholars, astronomers, shamans, and living Maya. “The people, places, stories, rituals, and even animals of the Maya world, both past and present, have enriched my life and the world in ways those of us in Western cultures are just beginning to understand,” she says. “I believe we owe it to them to enter their lands with respect and reverence, and to bring home the truth about this still great culture.”

Here are five of the most persistent myths, debunked. Fascinating stuff, no matter where you’ll be on the big day. Read more

Banana CoastGet ready to “go bananas,” Cruise News readers: Development of a shiny new cruise port at Honduras’s “Banana Coast” has officially broken ground. Cruisers looking to escape on more exotic Western Caribbean itineraries in 2012 will be delighted to discover new off-the-path cruise ports cropping up, including the Banana Coast port (its name derives from the banana trade industry that flourished here in the early 20th century), set on a 10-acre beachfront site in Trujillo, Honduras (we also reported on a new port planned in El Salvador for 2012 just last month). While the lush island of Roatan, set some 45 miles north of Trujillo, has seen considerable success embedding itself on widespread cruise itineraries, this is only the second cruise port attempt in the country, and a foray into the comparatively untrammeled northern coast of mainland Honduras. Read more

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