Marika Bortolami
Havana/flickr/Marika Bortolami

Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, is expecting a call any day giving final approval from the Cuban government for several of the company’s ships to cruise to the island. The ships will come from the Oceania line, but ships from the flagship lines... Read More

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Vintage Cars in Havana, Cuba/iStock
Vintage Cars in Havana, Cuba/iStock

If you are seeking a Caribbean vacation with a serious dose of culture, then Cuba makes for a great getaway. And it’s never been more accessible, thanks to regularly scheduled flights from the U.S., which are expected to begin in the fall. My trip was amazing. For now, it’s still... Read More

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 Harmony of the Seas/Christina Garofalo
Harmony of the Seas/Christina Garofalo

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this week in cruising, and how it could impact your next trip. The world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean‘s 5,500-passenger Harmony of the Seas, debuted in Southampton, bringing the latest insane shipboard thrill attraction — the Ultimate Abyss. Those who like heart-stopping fun and/or... Read More

flickr/Nick Kenrick
Cuba/flickr/Nick Kenrick

Since the U.S. and Cuban governments began their rapprochement process in December 2014, a record number of American travelers have taken trips to Cuba. The number jumped 77 percent from 2014 to 2015, and so far, more than one million Americans have visited Cuba in 2016, according to a New... Read More

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 Sirena / Courtesy of Oceania Cruises
Sirena/Oceania Cruises

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this week in cruising, and how it could impact your next trip. The MV Adonia, operated by Carnival Corporation’s Fathom brand, sailed from Miami to Havana this week making history as the first ship to travel the route in decades. The 704 passengers... Read More

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 Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas & Orangutans / copyright Orangutang Foundation International
Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas & Orangutans/Orangutan Foundation International

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this week in cruising, and how it could impact your next trip. Silversea‘s passengers will no doubt go ape over renowned scientist and conservationist Biruté Mary Galdikas, who is lecturing on the 120-passenger Silver Discoverer in October. Galdikas is famous for her... Read More

 Courtesy of Holland America Line
Courtesy of Holland America Line 

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this week in cruising, and how it could impact your next trip. Carnival Corporation’s new do-good cruiseline, Fathom, officially launched this week amid controversy. The line’s 704-passenger MV Adonia set sail from Miami to the Dominican Republic with a shipload of folks signed... Read More

Santiago de Cuba in Cuba
Santiago de Cuba/Annika S. Hipple

Although purely touristic activities in Cuba are still prohibited for U.S. travelers, the recent easing of restrictions has led to a skyrocketing number of visitors to the island — particularly those traveling on authorized people-to-people programs. Most Americans land in Havana and spend a few days in Cuba’s lively... Read More

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Cienfuegos, Cuba - Flickr_Joe Ross
Cienfuegos, Cuba/Flickr/Joe Ross

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this week in cruising, and how it could impact your next trip…  More details on next year’s one-week Cuba sailings with Fathom, Carnival Corporation’s volunteer-oriented cruise line, are in. Beginning in May, the 700-passenger MV Adonia will call at Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba. With... Read More

Coco taxis, a motorbike-type taxi, is great for getting around in Havana Cuba

“Welcome to José Martí International Airport.” You’re here, finally, in Havana. The door of your plane has opened and the Caribbean humidity has wrapped you in its cloying embrace. Now what? ... Read More

Cuban currency: Convertible Peso notes and coins

Booked a flight to Cuba and figured out where to stay? It may seem like the toughest part of planning your vacation is over, but the biggest challenge is yet to come: understanding and planning how you’ll handle money. Here’s what you need to know. ... Read More

Your flight to Cuba is booked (finally)! Now the question is: Where should you stay? Travelers will find two main options: A traditional hotel or casas particulares, often described as Cuban B&Bs. Here, we break down where to find them, how to book, and more. ... Read More

Planning a Cuba Trip? Here's What You Need to Think About
Julie Schwietert Collazo

In December 2014, as all of us have heard, Presidents Obama and Castro announced a mutual agreement to work towards restoring diplomatic and trade ties following a 55-year-old U.S. embargo on Cuba. Nearly immediately after they hinted at sweeping changes in everything from the island’s Internet connectivity to, yes... Read More

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Cruise Tracker: Cuba Sailings in December & More
Flickr/Bryan Ledgard

Which cruise lines are making headlines this week? Travel journalist Donna Tunney — ShermansTravel’s cruise expert — has all the latest news. Check back every Tuesday for trends, new amenities, and money-saving ideas that help you plan a perfect vacation at sea. Dreaming of Cuba like everyone else? This December through... Read More

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Cuba Flickr Alessandro Caproni
Flickr/Alessandro Caproni

President Obama’s announcement earlier this month that the U.S. and Cuba are making efforts to normalize their relationship after decades of sanctions and travel limitations wasn’t exactly a shock. For several years, U.S. travelers have been allowed to visit Cuba with “people-to-people” cultural exchange programs that are approved by the government and... Read More