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So you unleashed your inner Ansel Adams this summer and now have albums of hundreds of vacation photos. Sharing them with friends and family on Facebook is great — but wouldn’t winning cameras, lenses, vacations, and cash be even better? Many photo contests are open to amateurs shooters, some with very specific themes and some more general. Check out these five opportunities to score big with your best vacation photos.

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Best Waterproof CamerasPlanning a summer vacation already? Good for you. But here’s something that many folks overlook when piecing together logistics: a tool to capture it all. While summer excursions frequently entail trips to sandy beaches and infinity pools, many vacationers forget to pack a camera that’s equipped to photograph your journeys regardless of the situation. Camera makers far and wide have produced a fantastic range of rugged and waterproof shooters leading into this summer, and below you’ll find my top three recommendations. Read more

The Best Cameras for TravelersFor travelers, there’s hardly anything better than snapping the perfect shot of a perfect moment that encapsulates an entire journey. The thing is, no one can ever be quite sure when that moment will be, and in most cases, it’s at a time when you least expect it. Those who place a lot of value on the quality of their travel photos, be it for pleasure or business, have historically had to haul around a hulking DSLR and an assortment of lenses. We’ve all seen “that guy” at Disney, with the massive camera around his neck, and if that describes you, I’d like to offer some alternatives. Read more

Are you one of the millions of people who received a new iPhone from Santa? Lucky you! And if you’re luckier still, and are planning to head to the slopes or somewhere tropical to kick off the New Year, you may be interested in knowing what kind of double-duty that new iPhone can pull when it comes to capturing memories.

Apple’s iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 all pack pretty impressive camera sensors. In many ways, the smartphone is replacing the conventional point and shoot, as the image quality and speed on smartphones now rival even dedicated shooters. But perhaps you weren’t aware of the video capabilities. Instead of springing for a camcorder or a GoPro rugged camera, there is actually a booming market of accessories that let you use your iPhone instead. It’s a pretty easy way to save money by using a tool you now own, and it also means one less thing taking up space in your luggage. Read more

Kurgo Pet HammockOnce again, the holidays are upon us. Mailboxes are over brimming with holiday catalogs and in-boxes are jammed with travel gift ideas. As in past years, there are too many choices. And, as in past years, bad ones outnumber the good. Therefore, our family travel gift guide committee (me) has sprung into action, weeding through the many gadget, apparel, and accessory offerings out there so you don’t have to.

Here now are my favorite products, almost all of them new for 2012. And if they’re not, they simply deserve to be recommended once again.

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It’s that time of year! And by “time of year,” we’re talking about standing in endless lines, catching untold illnesses, and wondering where all of those spare vacation days went. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for that special someone, you can save yourself tons of time and stress by deciding on a product ahead of time. If you’re looking to gift the road warrior in your life with some new technology, here’s a list of gizmos that any traveler would appreciate.

iPad mini ($329+): Yes, it’s the easy choice. But it’s more than just Apple’s best tablet ever, in my humble opinion. It’s way more portable than the full-size iPad, significantly more affordable than the original, and it has a trick that travelers will love. Pick up the Verizon Wireless LTE version, and watch as your new tablet turns into an LTE hotspot with a battery that will keep your Wi-Fi devices online for up to 12 hours. Read more

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