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jackson square - new orleans - tulane public relations

No matter the season, there’s always a good reason to visit New Orleans. The city’s party-hearty spirit knows no seasonal boundaries, despite revving up for major notable events, like Mardi Gras. But what if you want your New Orleans vacation to be leisurely and (a little) quiet? We recommend visiting the Crescent City during early December, in between major holidays.

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Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Finding an affordable place to stay on or near a California beach isn’t easy. When you think you’ve identified the spot, it’s often pricey–or you’ll find Highway 1 noise blaring right behind your room. But don’t give up, because affordable and peaceful beach retreats are out there, whether your preference is camping, hostel, or hotel. Follow along with us and make your coastal escape list.

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oakland - lake merritt - michele ursino - 620

Finally, Oakland is getting the attention it deserves from travelers and media alike as one of the country’s coolest cities, having been skipped over for years for sister city San Francisco. But as Oakland enters the spotlight, it remains an extremely affordable destination for culture, food, and other entertainment. These budget activities will make any cost-conscious traveler wonder why you took so long to discover Oak Town:

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It isn’t just the quaint coastal communities, museum-quality art galleries, and scenic state parks that make Door County one of the Midwest’s most popular summer destinations. Known as the Cape Cod of the Midwest, this northern Wisconsin peninsula attracts thrifty travelers with its bounty of free and nearly-free things to do along the shores of Lake Michigan. Here’s what to do and how to stretch your dollar here:

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Lake Louise Boathouse

The Canadian resort town of Banff was founded in the late 1880s as a retreat for the rich, so it’s no surprise that you can spend a small fortune in this hot spring haven. Still, with a little planning, a trip to the birthplace of Canada’s national park system can most certainly be affordable. Here’s how:

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san francisco hotels - westin st francis - prayitno photography - 620

Finding an affordable hotel in a big city isn’t always easy. When you do somehow win the lottery and locate one, there are often a number of extra fees tacked on, or the hotel has absolutely no personality. That’s where this handy guide of budget-conscious but tasteful options come in. Bookmark it for your next San Francisco visit. Read more

Shard London

There’s been quite a bit of action on the hotel front in London recently, and across a wide spectrum of hotel types, too. Shangri-La at The Shard has been hogging most of the spotlight – it is the city’s tallest building, to be fair – but it’s not just luxury travelers that are being targeted by the new crop. On your next stay, you’ll find mid-range and budget options, and everything in between. Here’s a sampler of the four newest places that should be on your radar:

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Granville Island Dusk SkylineCity forests, trendy neighborhoods, and a formidable dining scene make Vancouver one of Canada’s most popular travel destinations. It isn’t the cheapest, though. Without a strategy, you could easily overspend in this seaport city. Here’s how to visit Vancouver on a budget without scrimping on experiences.

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SingaporeOn any given day in Singapore,  you’ll be confronted with a million ways to spend your time. Endless shops, world-class museums, outdoor dining, canal ferry rides, beach parties in nearby Sentosa – the list goes on.

But some travelers – especially budget-minded ones – might be keeping  Singapore off their travel itineraries because of the  city’s reputation for luxury and exclusivity.  As we saw from many comments on our Top Budget Destinations for 2014 story, it’s a widely held perception. And while it’s true that places like Marina Bay Sands Hotel and retail heaven Orchard Road aren’t for the cost-conscious, there do exist many other more cost-effective ways to experience this culture-rich city. We thought we’d show you a few additional ways to do just that:  Read more

AirplaneFor many, the idea of a vacation for the sake of a vacation is simply not realistic. With the combined costs of flight, lodging, food, drinks, and maybe a souvenir or two to take home, the impracticality can soon outweigh the fantasy. But with a little careful planning, jetting around the world can be more affordable than you might think. Here, we break down the process of finding flights so cheap, you’ll be handing out Top Gun high-fives to strangers in the street. Read more

British Columbia RailwayTraveling by rail might not be as popular or convenient as it is in Europe, but it can sometimes provide a nice change of scenery. In celebration of the upcoming National Train Day (May 10), we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite day trips for those who need a break from the usual modes of transportation. From new routes to dirt cheap tickets, these itineraries are sure to excite. And you won’t have to worry about traffic jams, either. Read more

Atlantic CityOn the first of this month, United Airlines gave Atlantic City a leg up by launching daily service out of Atlantic City Airport to Houston and Chicago. The airport, which was previously only served by Spirit Airlines, lies just twelve miles from the Boardwalk. This makes it even easier for people from the Midwest and the south to get a first-hand glimpse of the waterfront casino town. Here’s how to do this city on a budget this summer: Read more

Want to save up for a memorable vacation? It’s easier than you might think. Some strategies take a little more effort, but others involve small adjustments in your day-to-day that quickly add up. Below, twenty suggestions for growing your travel budget without selling your belongings, sacrificing your quality of life, or asking for donations from strangers. Read more

music festival 1

It’s March and music festival season is upon us: thousands are gathering in Austin this week for SXSW, and the upcoming Bonnaroo-Lollapalooza-Coachella trifecta continue to sell-out at record speeds. Understandably, though, spending $300 to camp with a crowd of sweaty students just to catch a glimpse of Tom Petty’s wavy mane over a hot June weekend doesn’t appeal to everyone. Instead of splurging on just any old music festival this summer, consider these low-key alternatives that offer the same great entertainment at nearly a third of the cost: Read more


A simple roundtrip flight between New York and Dubai in late May can cost up to $1,200 on Emirates, the nation-state’s main carrier. Not exactly a bargain, considering you’d be forking over another thousand or two on lodging alone (Dubai’s low season doesn’t really get going until late June, when the extremely high temperatures cause rates to tumble). On top of everything else, you’ve probably already crossed Dubai off your list, so why go back if you’ve been there, done that?

Good thing, then, that Qatar Airways is providing another option for UAE-bound travelers who don’t feel like blowing their whole savings on a late spring jaunt. Thanks to a limited-time offer, the airline is offering flights to its newly-launched destination, Sharjah, from $696 roundtrip. Read more

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