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Many countries charge entrance fees to foreign visitors – including the U.S..  When the U.S. decides to hike up prices for foreign tourists entering the country, many countries, in turn, do the same for American travelers who wish to visit them. And some of those prices can be incredibly... Read More

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Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus suddenly have a new reason to be at the top of travelers’ bucket lists – especially those with an interest in Jewish historical sites. Earlier this month, it was announced that a new EU-funded project will create a virtual passage through 60 Jewish towns along the... Read More

Platinka Vodka Best in World

At the 2012 World’s Spirit Competition (held in San Francisco), Platinka took home the Best Vodka in the World title. Believe it or not, but this spirit actually doesn’t come from Russia. It’s nearby neighbor, Belarus, is where this award-winning vodka is distilled, packaged, and enjoyed. If you’re really aching... Read More