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Altbier Dusseldorf

Ask anyone the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of Germany, and beer is sure to come up in conversation. We know all about Oktoberfest, and we know all about Munich, and light versus dark (or at least, enough to get by). But mention the local... Read More

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Green Beacon Brisbane Beer

I turned up in Brisbane thirsty. The kind of thirst that only a stiff drink or well-poured brew could possibly quench. While it’s no secret that Aussies are a generally hop-happy breed, this laid-back Queensland capital takes its swill rather seriously, turning the act of casual beer drinking into... Read More

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Think of Melbourne as Sydney’s shy but sexy little sister, who doesn’t scream out for the spotlight, but once you get to know her, va va voom. I tacked on a couple of days in Melbourne at the tail end of my recent Australian travels, and... Read More

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Walt Disney World alcohol

When I visited Walt Disney World as a kid with my family – and even during a school trip to the parks in high school – I never noticed anyone drinking alcohol. Maybe the hard stuff is just more pervasive now than back in 1989, but these days you... Read More

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Times Square New York

The Dilemma: You’ve spent the day admiring the bright lights, soaring billboards, and glittery marquees of Times Square. After spending most of your budget on a Broadway show, you emerge from the dark theater only to be surrounded by a throng of hungry tourists. There is nothing but lackluster... Read More

Interior of CrossBar in New York City

There are more than just new hotels (see last week’s blog) in New York City this summer – the city is buzzing with several just-opened restaurants, gastro-pubs and bars (many of them beer gardens – but that’s enough to fill an another entire blog). Here’s a sampling: CrossBar by... Read More