Santa Fe, New Mexico, Posas Tamale

Santa Fe is a city with a flavor all its own. Its beloved hatch green chile is the undoubted star ingredient, making its way into unique southwestern and international dishes all over town. With many budget-friendly and moderately priced options available, eating out doesn’t have to break the bank.... Read More

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While Massachusetts Puritans spent the year 1692 hysterically accusing each other of witchcraft, Santa Fe was making history of its own when Don Diego de Vargas, the Spanish governor of colonial New Mexico, led the retaking of the city of Santa Fe from the Pueblo Indians. Since 1712, the... Read More

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 Bisti Wilderness/Creative Commons/John Fowler
Bisti Wilderness/Creative Commons/John Fowler

Northwestern New Mexico deserves more credit. Overshadowed by more well-known wonders — like Chaco Canyon, artistic Santa Fe, and spiritually-inclined Taos — the region is one that most people drive through rather than drive to. We’re asking that you reconsider. Sure, it’s remote — it’s some 200 miles from Santa Fe, and the closest significant town is Durango, Colorado —... Read More

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airplane view - Karl Baron - 620

Outside of the U.S., there are literally thousands of airlines, some catering to multi-million dollar business travelers, others just to families, and some target the ultimate budget traveler. It’s the last one that we’re more interested in, especially for short international flights and travel during holidays and peak seasons... Read More

Texas - Dallas - Aerial View - 620x400 - flickr nffcnnr

Pop quiz: flying to which of the following cities from New York costs the most, round-trip? San Juan, Puerto Rico? Dallas, Texas? Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas? Or, Phoenix, Arizona? The answer is… Dallas. Of the four choices, air from New York to Dallas is the most expensive — and the... Read More

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Fitting our 40” legs into a 32” Delta seat is like trying to cram an extra day’s worth of clothes into an already-stuffed suitcase. The result is an uncomfortable, jumbled mess, and something will inevitably be sticking out. However, due to our stubborn refusal to pay an extra $100 for... Read More

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Knot-busting Chinatown massages in New York City have all our love, but the biting cold of this blustery winter has us dreaming of a little extra pampering. That’s why we’ve focusing on spas with stellar amenities, stunning views, and other extras that make the treatments truly worth the indulgence.... Read More

No-Frills Airlines: Are they worth it?

You’ve seen the advertisements, and your jaw has probably dropped once or twice while searching for fares: low-cost airlines, carriers offering fares that seem too good to be true, are bubbling up all over the world nowadays. While many travelers (wrongly) assume that budget airlines will provide the same... Read More

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Albuquerque Mountains

The southwest sun is probably reason enough to look forward to an escape to Albuquerque, but there’s plenty more to enjoy in New Mexico’s largest city than warmth. In an effort to get you outside the boardroom and into Burque (as the locals say), we’re offering up two restaurants... Read More

Major airlines have a gift for Florida fliers, special delivered just in time for the holiday season – fare increases. Travelers flying to and from the Sunshine State will see a price hike across a handful of major carriers. United has raised one-way ticket prices on all Florida markets $10... Read More

Pool Gw

On the fringes of the Moab desert and located in the heart of the Red Rock Canyons of southwest Colorado rests Gateway Canyons Resort. The upscale adventure retreat is currently offering an exclusive package to readers, which offers room nights from $179, with 50% off the second night... Read More

Southwest Evolve Resized

Southwest Airlines has offered a peek at its new cabin interior design plans, part of a $60 million revamp set to begin rolling out in March. The airline intends to retrofit the majority its current fleet, putting a focus on cabin comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. The upgraded cabins will feature... Read More

Southwest Air

Have you ever gone gaga for those $9 advertised airfares, only to discover that after taking into account applicable taxes and fees, they worked out to as much as 10 times as much? New U.S. Department of Transportation rules, set to take effect on January 26, will soon require... Read More


With the holiday only days away, airlines are making it easy to do last-minute tasks to alleviate pre-holiday stress. Virgin Atlantic is helping out holiday travelers by wrapping gifts. For $2, “Virgin Helpers” will wrap one carry on-sized gift while you’re waiting for your flight home for the holiday.... Read More

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Overweight Pic

Nobody likes being told they’re a little on the large side. Especially when they’re surrounded by a plane full of passengers. This less-than-ideal scenario could, as of March 2012, become reality for some portly customers flying AirTran. The airline is introducing a new policy requiring any overweight passenger to... Read More