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Bees do more than make honey — their pollinating efforts contribute to the landscape you see and the local foods you eat. These five beekeeping experiences provide a glimpse into the sweet world of bees.

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BratanAs views go, lakes provide a backdrop that is at once soothing and full of mystery. Unlike oceans, these mighty bodies of water are contained. You can row across their surface, dive for shipwrecks, or simply go bird-watching, all in the safe knowledge that land is never too far away. More than anything, lakes can provide a refreshing change of scenery from days spent shopping in town or hiking in the surrounding mountains.

Here are a few lakefront views worth traveling for.

Photos.comWinter offers bargains in stunning coastal Maine

In life, being in the right place at the right time can come down to serendipity. But in travel, it is almost always the result of good planning. To avoid crowds and inflated prices, we recommend the period between high and low seasons when the weather is fine, places are still open and happy to welcome travelers, and you can explore a destination at your own pace. We call this magical time and space continuum the Sweet Spot and make it a point to round up the best of them for you each season. We’ve covered the 20 best places to travel for value this winter and grouped them by region – follow the links to right to discover this season’s Sweet Spots.

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LjubljanaFor such a small – not to mention relatively young – country, Slovenia has a lot of buzz behind it these days. Throughout 2011, the central European nation bordering Croatia and Austria is celebrating 20 years of independence, with special summer and fall travel packages ( and jubilee events like the open-air photo exhibition “My, Your and Our Slovenia” in Ljubljana (through August 25), culminating with the main independence ceremony in the capital on December 23. In anticipation, the country recently debuted three new hotels: the four-star Hotel Golte perched high in the Alps, the Hotel Jožef in the lace-producing alpine town of Idrija, and the boutique Antiq Palace in Ljubljana. In 2012, sister city Maribor gets all the attention – the medieval metropolis has been named next year’s European Capital of Culture ( Maribor also happens to be a nexus of viticulture. Many of Slovenia’s wines are produced here, and Maribor holds the Guinness record for the world’s oldest grapevine. Razveseliti!

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By: Jennifer Dorroh

iStock InternationalSlovenia offers pristine surroundings, few crowds, and enormous value

Eighteen years after declaring independence from Yugoslavia, the tiny, picturesque Alpine nation of Slovenia is firmly planted in Europe. Not only did it attain European Union membership, but it also took the reins of the EU’s rotating presidency for the first half of 2008. Yet despite its emergence on the world stage, and although it is wedged among high-profile destinations such as Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, Slovenia remains largely undiscovered by stateside travelers.
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