Jupiter Artland/Facebook
Jupiter Artland/Facebook

When most people think of Edinburgh, they think of a small, walkable city, chock-full of historic charm. But it is also a gateway to hidden gardens, beachfront promenades, and uninhabited islands — if you know where to look. Here, four magical escapes within 45 minutes of Edinburgh’s central district.  Jupiter Artland Jupiter Artland is a new sculpture park that not only... Read More

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 Archery Summit Winery/Facebook
Archery Summit Winery/Facebook

The tasting may be great year-round, but it’s the comfortable weather that makes September and October the perfect time to visit the places where beer, wine, or distilled spirits are integral to the local culture. Whether it’s a day trip to the eastern tip of New York’s Long Island or a week... Read More

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Every August when the world’s largest arts festival hits Edinburgh, the population of the Scottish capital more than doubles. For visitors, that inevitably means that hotels — if not already booked up months in advance — raise their rates accordingly. Take the limited-service budget brand Tunes Hotels. Their Edinburgh... Read More

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view of glasgow in scotland (uk)
Tommy Burson

Not long ago, Glasgow resembled Detroit — once proud city in the midst of a depression that was characterized by liquor, drugs, and crime. Today, Glasgow is possibly the trendiest city in the UK, catering a booming arts scene and a musical surge reminiscent of Motown in Detroit. Despite... Read More

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Yellowstone National Park - stargazing - by National Park Service-Neal Herbert - 620

Remember when it seemed like you could reach up and touch the Milky Way, the ribbon of stars that make up our galaxy? Thanks to light pollution, it’s becoming harder and harder to see — unless you get yourself out to dark and remote locales. Here are seven stargazing... Read More

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etihad airways - 620

Space travel. Bitcoin payments. Suites on airplanes. Some trends just keeping popping up on our news feeds time and time again. Some of these are fantastic and others… not so much. But for better or worse, here are nine that we think are here to stay. 1. Wearable tech. Now that... Read More


The hugely popular novel Outlander, written by Diana Gabaldon and the first in a series of eight books, has at long last been made into a television series, premiering on Starz this Saturday, August 9. The story is set in the Scottish Highlands during the 18th century Jacobite rebellions.... Read More


The fortunes of Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, have turned more often than most. With its days as a great shipbuilding center long over, Glasgow spent much of the latter half of the past century struggling to overcome a reputation for poverty and crime. But regeneration has gathered pace over... Read More


The storied Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland is celebrating its 90th birthday with the launch of an exclusive partnership with Virgin Balloon Flights to become the only Scottish hotel to offer guests hot-air balloon rides. For £2,100 ($3,595) groups of between ten and 16 can book a sunrise or sunset ride and... Read More

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Last month, we honored the newly-opened, 134-mile-long John Muir Way with a few suggestions for other long-distance walking routes in Scotland. If that’s whetted your appetite for more challenging hikes, here are a five trails to start prepping for, from California’s epic Pacific Crest Trail to a simple four-day... Read More

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Whether established as a joke, to make a political point, or purely by accident, these 10 micronations across the world show that, if you don’t like your own country, you can just go ahead and start your own. Of course, like all of the ones we’ve listed, yours might... Read More

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As views go, lakes provide a backdrop that is at once soothing and full of mystery. Unlike oceans, these mighty bodies of water are contained. You can row across their surface, dive for shipwrecks, or simply go bird-watching, all in the safe knowledge that land is never too far... Read More

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With its white sand and turquoise sea, you would be forgiven for thinking that the above photograph was taken on a Caribbean island. In fact, this is Luskentyre Beach on the Scottish island of Isle of Harris, one of 16 beautiful islands in the United Kingdom collected in our... Read More


In a year that is filled with milestones – from the Independence Referendum, to the Commonwealth Games, to the year-long festival called The Homecoming – it’s tough to pick just one reason to visit Scotland in 2014. For outdoor enthusiasts, however, April 21 is possibly the date to save. On... Read More


Think Scotland, and whisky, bagpipes, men in kilts, or perhaps fisherman’s waders come to mind. But now you can add skiing and snowboarding to the mix. Up in the Scottish Highlands, the Cairngorms are the U.K.’s highest and snowiest ski-friendly mountains – and thus they’re home to the country’s most popular ski spot. Easter is... Read More