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It seems that toy makers are now defining a “travel game” as any small diversion that can be easily packed in a bag. And while portability is certainly a plus, it does not always a travel game make. The same goes for apps. They’re all portable by definition, but who’s... Read More

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There will be more than 38 million auto travelers on the road this Thanksgiving weekend, predicts AAA, and if you and your kids plan to be among them, it’s not too late to change your mind and stay home. Seriously, we both know that’s probably not an option this weekend.... Read More


I realized gas was expensive. But it wasn’t until early August, when I had my first north-of fifty-bucks experience at the pump, that I realized gas was expensive. I don’t own a car, you see, and while my family and I frequently rent vehicles, we typically take half-tank day trips... Read More

Galena Main Street

Once one of Illinois’ largest cities, this historic mining town near the Mississippi River now provides an easy weekend getaway for Chicago residents. We’ve put together the perfect 1-2-3 Weekend – 1 hotel, 2 restaurants, and 3 things to do – to showcase Galena’s top offerings. 1 – Hotel Bed down... Read More

Photos.comLook to these international car rental tips for the green light to rent confidently on your next big road trip

By: Suzanne Steinert There’s nothing quite like the independence that comes with having your own set of wheels on vacation. It sure beats surrendering to the confines of a crowded tour bus or the whims of public transport. Unfortunately, renting a car overseas isn’t always easy as it often entails... Read More

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By: Molly Fergus America the beautiful, sure, but America the strange? You bet. We’ve dug up 10 weird sights in America that run the gamut from natural abnormalities (albino squirrels, displaced deserts) to the downright odd (gravity vortexes, mystery lights). Hit the road this summer and seek out the curious... Read More

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Jason VarneyThe Pig Stand Diner and Coffee Shop in San Antonio, Texas

By: Ariana Speyer There’s nothing fancy about brisket barbecue juice dripping down your arm while you’re seated at a linoleum-topped table under the fluorescent lights at Cooper’s in Llano. Or listening to a teenaged Tejano band nervously strum and sing for the passing throngs at El Mercado in San Antonio.... Read More

By: Pavia Rosati My mother spent the first 30 years of her life in northern Italy, then married my American father and spent the next 30 in New Jersey. But every summer my parents went back, often taking my brother and me on extensive trips throughout the country. On a... Read More

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iStock InternationalA vineyard in Sonoma

By: Laurel Delp A trip through Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties is an American feast for the senses like no other, a journey where savoring the best wines, food, spa experiences, and outdoor adventures (picnic, anyone?) is commonplace. In 1824, Franciscan monks kicked off winemaking in the area by planting... Read More

By: David Farley Millions of tourists flock to Rome every year to trample the city’s famed seven hills, but just outside, others are waiting to be climbed. Dotting the landscape between Rome and Tuscany, the medieval hill towns of northern Lazio – the region surrounding the Eternal City – afford... Read More

By: Jordan Simon Just 30 years ago, Napa Valley wines got no respect. But 1976 was, as they say, a vintage year: Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay bested some of France’s legendary names in a prestigious blind tasting that shocked the wine world. Since then, this sublimely scenic destination has... Read More