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Salvation Mountain in California

Nilina Mason-Campbell

Salvation Mountain in Niland, California is a roadside attraction that draws legions of visitors to the Colorado Desert (which, confusingly, is not located in the state of Colorado). Built by local resident Leonard Knight in the 1980s as a tribute to his love of God, the 50-foot-tall “mountain” is characterized by fantastically large-scale murals and bright colors that would appeal to any lover of art and quirkiness. Here’s a photo tour.

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The Index Bridge in Index Washington

The Index Bridge/Sarah Ravits

For outdoor enthusiasts and amateurs alike, a trip to the Pacific Northwest should include a stop at the small, rustic town of Index, Washington. Its population? Less than 200. Though it’s about an hour from Seattle, this town is a world away from fast-paced, contemporary urban life. Index is primarily a destination for in-the-know rock climbers, but this small town in the Skykomish Valley also draws in an eclectic crowd of adventurers of all ages, families, and those who want — or need — to escape to nature for a few days. Read more

Road Trip Warriors: "We Live in a Renovated School Bus to Travel All the Time"

On the road. (Photo: Outside Found)

Jo Piazza for Yahoo! Travel

Last summer Will Hitchcock and Alyssa Pelletier were in the midst of an epic road trip through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. They were sleeping in the back of their truck and working in coffee shops.

That trip taught them just how much they loved the freedom that being on the road afforded. What they didn’t love was living out of a pickup truck.

Midway through the trip, as they were driving through Ennis, Montana, Hitchcock saw an old bus on the side of the road with a for-sale sign in the window.

That got the gears turning, and before they reached Washington they had it all figured out. They would buy a bus, renovate it, and turn it into the ideal tiny house-office that they could drive across the United States with their dog.

Easy, right? Not exactly.

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Leenan Beach in Donegal, Ireland - along the Wild Atlantic Way, a great weekend trip from Dublin

Leenan Beach in Donegal, along the Wild Atlantic Way/Flickr/Greg Clarke

While Dublin’s museums, beautiful Georgian doorways, and craft beer scene could certainly fill an entire trip, we can think of some good reasons to venture beyond Ireland’s capital city. Glistening lakes, rugged filming locations, and scenic coastal drives are just a few reasons to get out of town. Here, five weekend trips from Dublin worth the drive.

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Downtown Greenwood Missisippi

Crystal Cafe/Melanie Warner Spencer

Home cooks and savvy food-lovers are hip to a tiny town nestled at the eastern edge of the Mississippi Delta — Greenwood, Mississippi. About two hours from Memphis, Tennessee, this quiet escape is home to the headquarters of Viking Range, the high-end appliance company, and foodies flock there for the Viking Cooking School and retail shop, as well as dining at some of the local restaurants, one of which is a culinary destination in its own right, the Delta Bistropub. Here, your guide to Greenwood, Mississippi. Read more

Vancouver skyline aerial

Tourism Vancouver

We love the cosmopolitan excursions in Vancouver as much as the next traveler, but we’re also huge fans of the fact that it’s a great gateway to surrounding outdoorsy adventures. After all, the city is flanked by mountains, forests, and the Pacific coast. Best of all, plenty of these escapes are accessible as day trips.

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Wisconsin1CynthiaL Drake

Cynthia L. Drake

Traveling along the Wisconsin portion of the Great River Road, a 250-mile stretch that runs along the western border of state, is chock-full of rolling hills and rushing rivers. This quintessential Midwest Americana experience, that for the unhurried traveler, can include leisurely stops at pizza farms, wineries, and even the former stomping grounds of author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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Ford in Oregon

Darren Murph

We all love a good road trip. But the problem is that sometimes we only want to drive one way — and in almost every instance, U.S. rental car agencies tack on anywhere between $100 and $1,000 to drop a vehicle at a location other than the one you pick it up from. (I was once quoted a $1,000 fee to pick up a car in Manhattan and drop it in Albany, just a few hours north.)

Imoova, which recently launched in the U.S. and Canada, is attempting to disrupt the dreaded one-way drop fee by way of its relocation service — which allows travelers to essentially rent a car for as low as $1 per night.

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The Glass House, New Canaan, Connecticut

Harf Zimmermann/The Glass House

For many road trippers, Connecticut is viewed as a big stretch of land on their way to other destinations in New England like Providence, Cape Cod, or Boston. Sure, there are cultural wonders to explore at Yale University, a couple of casinos to try your luck at, and vast areas of greenery — but is that all that the Constitution State has to offer?

During a weekend visit courtesy of the Connecticut Office of Tourism, we found far more to Connecticut than an Ivy League campus and slot machines. From wineries and kayaking to architectural feats and historic restaurants, the western part of the state makes an ideal road trip destination.

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Ron Reiring/US Highway 50

After a relationship has tanked to the point of no return, there’s nothing quite like getting in the car — either by yourself or with a bestie or two — and taking your mind off everything on the open road. So queue up Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” and set the GPS for one of these epic post-breakup road trips.

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The Appalachian Trail is an epic roughly 2,180-mile stretch between Springer Mountain in Georgia all the way up to Katahdin in Maine. For some, hiking through the trail’s 14 states is a months-long adventure filled as much with nature as new friends. “I love walking and thinking,” says Corky, 52, who’s been hiking the trail since April 5 and is expecting to finish sometime in August. “It’s stunningly beautiful here. It’s also about the people — you meet people you never would have otherwise.”

But for the rest of us — for whom tasting a smaller slice of the Appalachian is more realistic — Virginia’s Daleville, where we met Corky on a supply run, is a fantastic place to start. It’s just one of the many places were the trail crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway, a National Park that stretches 469 miles through North Carolina and Virginia. These parts have trails for all skill levels, not to mention a host of other outdoor activities when you want to take a break from hiking. Here, just four of the great paths you can take:

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Emily Price

Eighty miles east of Raleigh, North Carolina, lies Kinston. Once a huge tobacco town, the city has started to undergo a bit of a renaissance in recent years. The area is now home to a large art collection, a craft brewery, outstanding restaurants, and a lot of history. Whether you’re on your way to North Carolina’s coast, or just looking for an affordable afternoon trip, there’s a little something in Kinston for everyone. Here’s how to spend an afternoon (or weekend) in this thriving North Carolina town.

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Cloud Rest

Matthew Minucci

The Big Island could easily have been named the “The Endless Island,” with its eight climate zones and 4,000-plus square miles of mostly raw landscapes to explore. You’ll land in a terrain that looks flat and moon-like — only to step on the gas and, to the east, find yourself in a mountain rainforest zone of lush emerald-colored canopy and moss-draped trees. And while Hawaii is known to be spendy, penny savers can still rejoice: This does not have to be a terribly expensive island…if you know where to look (and once you plunk down the fare to get there, of course). Here are some ideas to get you into that aloha spirit.

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Bottomless Lakes, Roswell, New Mexico

New Mexico Tourism

Perhaps you’re just passing through en route from Albuquerque to one of southern New Mexico’s must-hit natural wonders (like the superlative Carlsbad Caverns). Or maybe you’re caught up in the company of one of the many UFO hunters who descend upon this legendary little city in droves. But if little green men aren’t tops on your own personal agenda for visiting Roswell, New Mexico, there’s happily more to this city than just alien kitsch (though, thanks to the purported 1947 UFO crash here, there’s plenty of that, too). Art and nature lovers will find diversions worthy enough to deem Roswell a destination in its own right, while some memorable local dining and night spots will get you up-close-and-personal with some down-home New Mexican hospitality and chile-infused cooking. Here’s the scoop on what to see and do — and where best to eat, drink, and sleep — in Roswell.

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3 Fun Roadside Stops in the Everglades

Caroline Eubanks

Florida has always been a great place for offbeat road trip stops — and the area outside of the Everglades National Park is no exception. Continue south past Miami and onward to the last few strips of land before you get to the Florida Keys for three of our favorite attractions.  Read more

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