Prince Edward Island

 Northport Back Range Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island/flickr/Dennis Jarvis
Northport Back Range Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island/flickr/Dennis Jarvis

Prince Edward Island is the crown jewel of Canada’s Maritime Provinces, thanks to pristine beaches, fresh local seafood, and charming 19th century architecture. Only slightly larger than the state of Delaware, the island is easy to navigate in a short period of time, which is good because there’s a lot to see.... Read More

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Up Helly Aa, Shetland

Winter predictably sees travelers heading to tropical islands for their vacations, but what about the cooler weather islands? There are a few advantages to heading someplace where you’ll be packing a sweater rather than a swimsuit: less crowds, better deals, and plenty of interesting things to do. Here are a... Read More

iStock InternationalScenic lighthouses dot the shores of idyllic Prince Edward Island

By: Lesley Riva Shaped like a croissant with a few bites missing, Prince Edward Island floats peacefully off the coast of New Brunswick. The smallest of Canada’s maritime provinces at just under 2,200 square miles, the island defies any preconceptions about harsh northern climates. The rocky Nova Scotian peninsula, solid... Read More