I have to admit that Amsterdam is my favorite city in Europe. While not a bustling metropolis like Rome, London, or Paris, Amsterdam oozes charm. I love its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful buildings, excellent modern international cuisine, and cute canal houses. I’m also quite fond of the Dutch, who are famous... Read More

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By: Laurel Delp Geographically, Mexico encompasses tropical forests, volcanoes, formidable mountain ranges, and high desert plains, with an almost staggering array of gorgeous coastlines and a size equal to California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas combined. Mystical ruins, robust indigenous cultures, and renowned regional cuisines all contribute to a... Read More


When people think of Berlin, they may imagine a gray, old, not-so-fun place. After all, for 41 years it was divided into East and West Berlin, and JFK once called it “the farthest outpost of the free world.” Well, that “outpost” is nothing like it was during the Cold War.... Read More

By: Elissa Richard Situated on the southeastern coast of France, the fabled French Riviera has long enticed sun worshipers with its seaside charm, vibrant vegetation, beautiful people, and mild Mediterranean climate promising some 300 cloudless days a year. And while laid-back Nice, the region’s long-reigning queen and capital, has continued... Read More

By: Stephen Whitlock Back in 1947, English novelist Evelyn Waugh was dispatched by the Daily Telegraph and Morning Post to tour Scandinavia. He immediately fell in love with Copenhagen. “Flat, open, clean, gay, and decorous,” he wrote, “[it is] encircled by palaces, where ancient quays and sailor-streets lead straight into... Read More