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The days of buried treasure, squawking parrots, and One-Eyed-Willie may have ended, but modern-day piracy is causing trouble on the horizon for the cruise industry. The International Maritime Bureau announced this year that 2008 saw an unprecedented increase in maritime hijacking, reporting a total of 293 incidents –... Read More

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Small ship cruises often come with a large price tag, but Variety Cruises has tapped into the hard-to-reach niche of offering intimate sailings at budget rates. Apart from establishing some serious “sea credit” for its popular Mediterranean voyages, the family-owned cruise line has just announced that it will be... Read More

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Webster’s may need to coin a new phrase for the term “inaugural cruise,” as more cruise lines have been sneaking a second maiden voyage into their newest ship’s schedule. Celebrity Cruises just announced that because their super-motivated workers have been making remarkable progress constructing the new Celebrity Equinox, they... Read More

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Any new parent knows just how important it is to choose the right baby name. When it’s finally announced to friends, you hope to avoid the “stink look” on their faces, as it’s quickly dismissed with “oh, that’s nice.” During the current new cruise ship boom, an unprecedented number... Read More