Marrakech, Morocco, mosque

Saturated with sights and sounds, Marrakech, Morocco is a city for all senses. It’s also a city for all budgets, where you can stay in luxury hotels or pay pennies for a hostel. To find some real bargains, we recommend traveling in the off-season from October to February. Here... Read More

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buy spices at mellah market, Marrakech, morocco
Elena Sonnino/Mellah Market

Marrakech lures travelers with promises of spices, vibrant colors, and evocative sounds like the repetitive adhān — the call to prayer — broadcast from minarets five times daily. With so much to see and do, planning a trip to this Moroccan city can be as confusing as navigating the... Read More

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“Hello, hello. Come. Have a cup of tea.” They’re friendly. “You know. Very famous rugs here.” They’re insidious. “Nobody comes here to buy a rug, but everybody leaves with one.” They’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse — or so you think. You’ll find these salespeople chirping in the grand bazaars across North... Read More

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Cruise Ship in Sydney Harbor

Welcome to wave season! At the very end and beginning of every year, cruise lines roll out promotions for sailings through the next year – sometimes even two – in hopes of booking passengers early. The deals can take the form of steep discounts over 50 percent, 2-for-1 fares... Read More

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They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This year, March has come in like a lion and gone out like some kind of lion-velociraptor hybrid. With a bunch of late-season storms walloping parts of the U.S. and others shivering through an extended... Read More

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In life, being in the right place at the right time is often due to serendipity, but in travel, it almost always is a result of good planning. To avoid crowds and inflated prices, venture out between high and low seasons when the weather is fine, destinations are still... Read More

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La Villa des Orangers

I spent a good deal of time researching places to stay in Marrakech before my April visit. Deciding between a more traditional riad (think small palace with a courtyard) or a larger hotel/resort outside the city’s Medina or old town is a major consideration. Since my friends and I... Read More

Palais Namaskar

If you want to stay at one of the most outstanding resorts in the world, consider a trip to Morocco for at least two nights at the Palais Namaskar (aka “The Namaskar”), which truly deserves “six stars” for going above and beyond any five-star property in every way. If... Read More

OK, I know that Morocco may not be on the top of everyone’s bucket list. In my case, I had several friends fly over for my birthday celebration in Paris, and then three of us decided we wanted to go somewhere more exotic. Since I had already been to... Read More

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Hong Kong Tourism BoardThese vacation destinations were made with shopaholics in mind

If your heart starts palpitating at the mere sight of a ‘sale’ sign, or if you’ve been known to elbow other shoppers out of the way for getting between you and those must-have boots, this list is for you. We’ve rounded up the world’s 10 best cities for shopaholics... Read More

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La Mamounia

Celebrities expect and get the very best. This high end clientele pulls in to tip-top spots around the globe, at properties as iconic as they are. These six sexy properties have played home away from home to everyone from the Obamas to Madonna, providing the perfect respite for royalty, rock... Read More

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Ceiba Del Mar Beach Spa and Resort

The clock is quickly ticking, but all you lovebird procrastinators (or maybe you’re just spontaneous) still have 19 days to book a last-minute Valentine’s Day getaway. The big day falls on a Monday this year, making it perfect for a long weekend. My inbox has been flooded with possibilities... Read More


Marrakech is one of those mystical places long beloved by eccentric socialites, writers and rock stars – a city of “heat and madness” infused with the soothing aromas of rose water and orange blossoms and the sweet flavors of mint tea and almond milk. And for culturally curious couples... Read More

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Rubbing elbows with Spain, Western Sahara, and Algeria, Morocco marries these cultures with its own diverse history into an exotic, Afro-European folktale. This Bedouin journey begins in romantic Casablanca, and continues on to Fez, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, visit Meknes, an imperial city built one thousand years... Read More

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Don’t have the time or monetary resources to fly to far-flung locales such as Morocco? Visit New York City instead. Between January 4 and February 28, the newly-renovated, Moroccan-themed Marrakech Hotel on the Upper West Side has nightly rates starting at just $99/night – over 20 percent off regular... Read More