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 Jetty Pavilion/Huka Lodge
Jetty Pavilion/Huka Lodge

What does “affordable” mean when you’re Richard Branson? We sifted through some of the world’s priciest properties and looked at a resort’s or hotel’s lowest rates (not necessarily the penthouse or presidential suite, of course, which are always more expensive than standard rooms) to see what the most “basic” overnight stay in one of these... Read More

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Bungalows at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora
Bungalows/Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Have you dreamed of inserting yourself into one of those classic magazine cover shots of a swoon-worthy overwater bungalow, straddling a turquoise sea? Us too! That’s why we’ve dreamily rounded up this list of the world’s five very best overwater bungalows in Bora Bora to Belize and beyond; because if... Read More

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krystall hotel 1

Our roundup of underwater hotels from last spring was such a crowd-pleaser that we’d treat you to round two, with a twist. Here, six overwater, floating hotels for a pretty wacky but totally luxurious escape. ... Read More


It’s fairly easy to make travel happen — be it a business trip, a jaunt to see a family member, or a bona fide vacation — when you’ve spare cash laying around. It’s a little tougher when you don’t, but loyalty programs and the ability to collect miles and... Read More

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Intercontinental Thalasso

Make no mistake, collecting points to use for travel is a hassle. With black out dates and restrictions, actually using them for travel can be an even bigger hassle. That’s why loyalty programs are often overlooked as too conflated or difficult to actually enjoy, but those who put in... Read More

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(See the full slideshow: Hadahaa, Maldives) Traveling to the Maldives from the U.S. is a serious endeavor, no matter how you plan it. The entire trip takes about two days each way, and it’s certainly not a budget vacation. But that shouldn’t dissuade you from a trip to Hadahaa, a tiny... Read More

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under water hotel - the manta resort

If you’ve ever dreamed of splashing around with dolphins, Flipper-style, singing with crabs like a certain redheaded mermaid, or simply like the sound of “sleeping with the fishes,” then here are eight epic hotels that bring you as close to the deep blue as you’ll ever get. Pemba Island, Zanzibar What... Read More

Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Plenty of resorts promise to leave you feeling “relaxed and refreshed,” but none are as likely to recharge your batteries as thoroughly as a body-and-mind-centering yoga retreat. Against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, or the beach, or, heck, the Chicago skyline, gorgeous surroundings can help boost your inner calm. And plush accommodations... Read More

Google Street View Destinations

[Updated December 2016] Since Google Street View first came onto the scene in 2007, millions of panoramic images have been taken. In fact, the team taking those shots have traveled more than seven million miles across 66 countries — and they’re not done yet. More and more destinations can be virtually... Read More

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Great American Steamboat CompanyCruise down the mighty Mississippi on one of the best new itineraries this year

By: Elissa Richard We’ve navigated our way across the seven seas to single out the top 10 cruises in 2012 that are most likely to be making waves, from new behemoth boats plying Caribbean and Mediterranean waters to intimate luxury vessels exploring emerging, off-the-path ports. Make your maritime match with... Read More

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The famously luxe Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort has recently rolled out one of those amenities that’s truly out of this world. Spread out over two islands in the Alif Dhall Atoll of the Maldives, the Conrad is known for (among other things) its underwater restaurant, Ithaa. The all-glass... Read More

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iStock InternationalGo camping in style at these luxe locations

Most of us really enjoy the concept of camping – sleeping under the stars, becoming one with nature, toasting marshmallows over the campfire – but it’s the reality of the situation that keeps the masses from pitching their tents (think showerless days with dirty feet, slurping down lukewarm beverages... Read More