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Beer/Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

While Americans regard prohibition as a romanticized thing of the past, alcohol bans still exist in countries like Brunei, Libya, and Saudi Arabia — and if Indonesia’s Parliament has its way, you can soon add tourist destinations like Bali to the list, too. But if you think a countrywide outlaw of liquor is outrageous... Read More

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Bungalows at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora
Bungalows/Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Have you dreamed of inserting yourself into one of those classic magazine cover shots of a swoon-worthy overwater bungalow, straddling a turquoise sea? Us too! That’s why we’ve dreamily rounded up this list of the world’s five very best overwater bungalows in Bora Bora to Belize and beyond; because if... Read More

Caroline Image2
Caroline Eubanks

It may seem exotic to visit Thailand and hop on the back of an elephant for the perfect Facebook profile pic. Or to hold a primate in the wild. But it’s important to practice responsible tourism as you seek new experiences. Here, three companies that allow any animal-lover to immerse themselves... Read More

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Peak Walk

Some of the world’s best views come from the middle of the world’s scariest bridges. That’s not to mention the adventure you’ll get from crossing these sometimes rickety but always thrilling expanses. Here are our picks for the world’s 10 scariest bridges with amazing views, sure to get your... Read More

Skellig Michael

Barcelona has its Sagrada Familia. Sydney has its white-hooded Opera House. And other places? Well, they’ve got steps – lots and lots of them. As the examples illustrate below, epic staircases aren’t just a way to reach higher ground. They can be major attractions unto themselves. From the fabled... Read More

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 When it comes to Americans making their way to Southeast Asia, there are often two costs that they consider carefully before making a single reservation. The first is the literal cost of the trip in dollars; and the second, and perhaps an even bigger barrier for some, is the “time... Read More

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Borneo, the world’s third largest island, has seen significant portions of its rainforest cut down by logging companies over the years. Still, it remains one of the premier jungles in Southeast Asia, offering adventure travelers the sort of inspiring jaunts that are more typical in South America or Africa. Borneo is home... Read More

Malaysian Street Food

When you hear “street food,” what do you think of? Grease-spattered carts churning out heaping platters of fried things? Unidentified animal parts served on a stick? Garden-fresh vegetables stuffed into a charred, doughy casing? Depending on where you travel, all of those things could apply. But in Malaysia, whose aromatic, fiery... Read More

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beef noodle soup

This winter, there isn’t a more delicious way to warm up than with one of many specialty noodle soups across Asia. Tender, red-braised oxtail is the long-simmered star of Taiwan’s beef noodle staple (pictured above), with a dark broth fragrant with five-spice and bean paste. Best of all, a steaming... Read More

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Where’s the first place you look when you need a place to stay? A hotel app? A frequently-used travel reservation site? Without question, hotels have an enormous amount of mind share when it comes to lodging – but they’re also costly. In fact, many hotels charge you for extras you may... Read More

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Travelers were up in arms last week when Thailand announced plans to introduce a $16 entry tax for passengers arriving by air and staying more than three days – and a charge of 30 baht (97 cents) for travelers coming into the country from a neighboring state and staying... Read More

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How to Act Around Wild Monkeys

Walking along the path to visit the famed Dayang Bunting Lake (or Pregnant Maiden Lake) in Langkawi, Malaysia, you’ll find yourself stopping constantly, like I did. It’s not because of the scenery is beautiful (though it is), or because you’re tired from hiking up and down the slippery steps (though... Read More

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Malaysian Borneo on a Budget

Though mainland Malaysia is already considered a budget-friendly destination for many travelers, the cost of traveling to Malaysian Borneo might initially seem like an unnecessary expense if you’re trying to see the country on a budget. However, with incredibly affordable round-trip flights now being offered by Air Asia from... Read More

Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall; people travel around the world to see these examples of iconic architecture. A few months ago, I had the chance to travel to Malaysia. Though it was my first trip to Asia, period, I had heard the rumors about... Read More

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The World's Tallest Buildings

When it opened in 2010, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa stole the title for tallest building in the world. Now, three years later, China is attempting to beat that record with Sky City, a 2,749 foot tall building made out of pre-assembled blocks. Construction hit a snag this weekend, however, when a... Read More