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Kansas City

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While vacationers often gravitate toward coastal paradises, America’s heartland is often missed as a vacation — except for those on the Kerouacian road-trip. But Kansas City is ripe for exploration, firstly because it’s a mere three-hour flight from either coast. It’s also one of the cheapest Midwest destinations to fly into — airfare is competitive because no airline has a hub and major claim there. Secondly, KC has tons to offer on countless cultural fronts, from its historic jazz foundation to epic barbecue spots to trendy boutiques galore. If you need proof, consider this: Both Google and Lego love the city enough to use it as fertile testing grounds (Google Fiber and Legoland, respectively). The cherry on top? All of the below adventures will hardly dent your wallet.

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By: Nicole Fisher

American Roadside Attractions

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The great American road trip; synonymous with unhealthy snacks, boring i-Spy games, and way too many family sing-alongs. We’ve got a solution to one of those problems: No matter what road you ride along in the USA, there’s some quirky sight for you to see before arriving at your destination. We found the top 10 roadside attractions across the country. Kill the time with these must-see stops along the way.
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Nelson Atkins MuseumTell a Kansas City resident that they’re located in a flyover state and see what happens. Actually, don’t do that. For those traveling to the heart of America for business or pleasure, you’ll find plenty of extracurricular activities to make the most of your visit. In an effort to get you outside the boardroom and into KC, here are two restaurants, two attractions, and one bar that you can hit with just a few extra hours between meetings.

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Amtrak trainWinter time can prove to be an even bigger headache than usual for air travel. Blustering winds and pesky snowstorms regularly clog major air-hubs from New York City to Chicago (and everywhere in between), causing frustrating flight delays and cancellations. Spare yourself the stress of lengthy, invasive security procedures, and unreliable service by taking the train for your next getaway.

Fares for many of North America’s regional train lines are available for less this season. Here’s some of our favorite deals on rails.

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By: Alexander Basek

America is a melting pot, and barbecue, the most American of foods, is just as diverse. You might be tempted to spend the summer grilling in your backyard, but when there are so many different kinds of smoked meats to try from sea to shining sea, why not explore all the true BBQ that America has to offer? From dry rub in Memphis, to Vinegar-based sauces in North Carolina, to brisket with a ring of smoke in Texas, you’ll get a little bit of everything as you crisscross the map. Here are ten of our favorite cities for indulging in BBQ.

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Road Trip U.S.A: Midwest, Northeast & Other Weekend Drives


Forget the bald eagle or the Statue of Liberty. In America, the car is still the ultimate symbol of freedom, empowering us to shift our daily routines out of idle and “go anywhere,” as long as we make peace with the traffic report before we go.

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kansas-city-family-vacationThe fact that math and I don’t quite get along has never inhibited my fondness for making up equations, including this one: Cold off-season destination + solid indoor attractions = value family vacation.

It’s this thinking that has inspired my non-sequential series on the Midwest, including a post last winter about Chicago, more recent looks at Columbus, Milwaukee, and South Dakota, and today’s stop, the often underrated Kansas City. Should you wish to pull together a KC jaunt over the next several weeks, sub-$250 per person round-trip airfares are easy to come by, as are value-priced air-and-hotel bundles. Read more

Frontier AirlinesThe first few weeks of May, before Memorial Day kicks off the summer travel season, present a sweet spot for domestic travel. You’ll find pleasant spring weather in most of the country, without the crowds and heat that can plague July and August vacations. Take advantage with Frontier’s nationwide fare sale, which is slashing rates on routes between popular destinations, including New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and San Antonio. Tickets drop to as little as $44 each way, including most taxes and fees.

Sample Fares (O/W):

Albuquerque – Denver: $ 44+
Denver – Tucson: $ 49+
Denver – Phoenix: $54+
Des Moines – Milwaukee: $59+
Spokane – Denver: $69+
Los Angeles – Denver: $74+
New York (LGA) – Milwaukee: $84+
Madison – Denver:  $99+
Minneapolis/St. Paul – Kansas City: $109+
San Antonio – Milwaukee: $114+

THE VALUE: One week after the sale, fares on the Albuquerque to Denver route jump to $99 each way – more than double the current price.

THE CATCH: You’ll have to act fast: Tickets must be booked by May 18 for travel through May 25.

WE’VE GOT MORE: Use our Travel Search price comparison tool to find the lowest rates on hotels and other travel deals.

MilwaukeeCome November 1, Southwest will be touching down at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport. The budget carrier has scheduled at least one flight daily between Milwaukee and Baltimore, Kansas City, Orlando, Las Vegas, Tampa, and Phoenix – intro fares will start from just $35 (sale ends June 26). Officials at Southwest and Mitchell alike hope that the new service will reinvigorate travel in and out of the Milwaukee area, bringing much needed income to the region, while also offsetting the plunge in revenue reported by Southwest in the first quarter of this year.

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iStock InternationalTake a break from the usual tourist circuits and check out these underrated U.S. cities instead

Everyone knows cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago are among the best in the U.S., but there are many other fabulous – albeit smaller – American cities that just don’t get their fair share of the spotlight. Whether their proximity to a larger metropolis steals their thunder or a recent city makeover remains undiscovered by the masses, the cities on our list are oft overlooked by even the savviest of travelers. If you’re looking to broaden the scope of your trips to include some less-talked-about places with great art scenes, friendly locals, delectable cuisine, and/or rich history, then add one of our 10 most underrated U.S. cities to your “must-see” list today! For a sneak peak of our favorites, see our Underrated Cities Slideshow.

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