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In the U.S., December 31 is a big deal. At midnight, right when it’s turning January 1, a giant ball drops, we scream, spill some champagne, and make future promises we can’t keep. But for billions — yes, billions! — of people around the world, it’s March 21 or September 11 or February 20... Read More

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gaza israel protest in times square - Flickr-brickartisan

You made travel plans months ago — before your destination started making headlines for riots, bombings, and violence. What do you do now? Most recently, civil unrest in Israel has forced many tourists to rethink their vacations, after trouble in Ukraine, Thailand, and other destinations in the past year. But... Read More

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Relaxation takes form in all shapes and sizes. To some, an afternoon coffee with a pastry eases away the tension better than a full-body massage. To others, being pricked in the back with dozens of needles does the trick. From skin-eating fish to dives into icy lakes, here are... Read More

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Tel Aviv

We’ve showed you how to experience the best of Tel Aviv on a shoestring budget — but for those of you traveling there next month, a bit more guidance is in order. Tel Aviv Pride, which takes place June 8-14, is one of the world’s largest pride celebrations (over... Read More

Skellig Michael

Barcelona has its Sagrada Familia. Sydney has its white-hooded Opera House. And other places? Well, they’ve got steps – lots and lots of them. As the examples illustrate below, epic staircases aren’t just a way to reach higher ground. They can be major attractions unto themselves. From the fabled... Read More

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With its small land mass and relatively easy public transportation system, Israel lends itself to quick, mad-dash side-trips for those intent on seeing as much of the country as possible in a short amount of time. Of course, you could easily spend weeks leisurely making your way up and... Read More

Elvis Diner Jerusalem

Stuck forever in the era of boat-sized convertibles, Elvis memorabilia, and red-checkered tablecloths, these American-themed diners offer a nostalgic ride into ‘50s Americana while satisfying rumbling tummies. Although commonplace throughout the fifty states, you don’t tend to come across these neon-lit, chrome-plated structures anywhere else in the world. So... Read More

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East-bound Europeans will be happy about the launch of El Al’s new low-cost carrier, UP. Based out of Tel Aviv, the offshoot airline will directly compete with Europe’s budget airlines like EasyJet, which offers service to Israel for as low as 68 EUR (about $93) each way. That’s more expensive than... Read More

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US Travel Alert Syria Lebanon Turkey

From a traveler’s perspective, the idea of a trip to Damascus right now (and pretty much anywhere else in Syria) is clearly out of the question. With constant headlines about possible U.S. air strikes and uncertainty surrounding additional chemical weapons attacks on civilians, you’d have to be living under... Read More

Tel Aviv On A Budget

Israel’s buzzing metropolis of Tel Aviv has been trending for a while now – proving many travelers aren’t put off by the city’s high cost of visiting. But the Israeli hub isn’t just for deep-pocketed tourists. We’ve sussed out a few ways to enjoy this beach town on a... Read More

NYC and LA to Tel Aviv Flight Deal

Another day, another flight deal we’re dying to jump on. Today’s flavor? NYC and LA to Tel Aviv, Israel, at round-trip rates as low as $869! If you’re looking for the ultimate warm-weather getaway during the cold winter months in the state, Tel Aviv is a perfect option with... Read More

The Dead Sea

Of all the amazing locations that I’ve written about so far, The Dead Sea is the only place I’ve witnessed first-hand. And boy is it true what they say about this incredible body of water. I dare you to try and submerge yourself fully here. It won’t happen. It’s not... Read More

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Cunard Mediterranean Sale

We’d love if every cruise we took could be aboard a luxury liner like the Queen Elizabeth, but budget constraints normally keep us from splurging on all that opulence and personal service. However, these amazing, limited time fares – up to 60 percent off – on Cunard’s fall Mediterranean... Read More

Townhouse Tel Aviv

Say Tel Aviv and one of the first things that comes to mind is sand – lots of it. Tel Aviv’s famed Mediterranean beachfront stretches more than ten miles from north to south, and is lined by mainly high-rise beach hotels that at first glance put the definitive stamp... Read More

Helena Chef Amos Sion

When it comes to dining trends, there’s retro and then there’s really retro – we’re talking recipes inspired by ancient Roman banquets and even by the Bible, and perhaps not surprisingly, we’re talking about Israel. If anything, it’s the creative “New Israeli” style of cooking that has grabbed headlines... Read More