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Lobby at Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa in Jamaica
Lobby/Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa

If your idea of Caribbean all-inclusives includes rowdy spring breakers and bland buffets, think again. A new wave of refined offerings and exclusive properties is transforming the all-inclusive landscape. The traditional appeal of affordable packages for hotel, food, and travel is still the focus but on a more sophisticated... Read More

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75-Mile Beach/Danielle Lancaster
75 Mile Beach/Danielle Lancaster

Fraser Island, off the central coast of Queensland, Australia, is the largest sand island on earth and the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in the world. A visit to this enchanting paradise allows you to view shipwrecks, touch ancient forests, and be enchanted by the rich wildlife on and... Read More

Suite at Queen's Gardens Resort & Spa on Saba
Suite/Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa

Saba, the Netherlands’ smallest municipality at five square miles, lies just off St. Maarten and can be accessed from there via a twelve-minute plane ride. You’ll find no white sandy beaches in Saba, as the island consists largely of the potentially active volcano and lush rainforest — but that’s... Read More

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Parque de Bombas in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Parque de Bombas/Connie Hum

Puerto Rico has long been a top destination for sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes, history, art, and culture. While the capital of San Juan gets most of the glory, the island’s second largest city of Ponce deserves its own share of the spotlight. For those ready to venture farther... Read More

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 Windsurfing Curacao/Facebook
Windsurfing Curacao/Facebook

Curaçao, former Dutch Caribbean colony of the Netherlands Antilles, may be known for spectacular underwater dive sites as much as its eponymous blue liqueur, but there are plenty of seafaring activities to do on the surface of its cerulean waters as well — a popular one being windsurfing. Finding a place... Read More

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Sunset on the Big Island of Hawaii
Sunset/Flickr/Montse PB

The island of Hawaii (nicknamed the Big Island) has so much to offer visitors with its diverse geographies and landscapes. From stand-up paddle boarding to fluming (more on that later!), here are our top 10 activities that are a must-see on the Big Island. 1. Lava Hike The island of Hawaii is volcanic... Read More

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 flickr/Lex Kravetski
flickr/Lex Kravetski

Cuba is lustful — especially for the solo traveler. From late-night dancing, to epic historic sites, to people-watching along Havana’s seawall, Cuba is the sort of place where you could easily find yourself in a transformative journey. But navigating Cuba can present unique challenges. There’s the confusing dual currency system... Read More

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Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, Jamaica
Blue Lagoon/Jamaica Tourist Board

Jamaica may be famous for it beaches, but the island actually boasts a diverse landscape of mountains, valleys, and forests that’s equally as striking. A great way to grab some of these vistas is by visiting Port Antonio, the capital of the idyllic parish of Portland. Graced with mountain views... Read More

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Old San Juan/Laura Motta

San Juan is not just a place cruise ships visit mid-itinerary; many sailings also depart and end in Puerto Rico’s historic capital. If yours is one of them, stay an extra day or two before or after your cruise to wander the city’s cobblestone streets and soak up the heady, old-world ambiance at these memorable spots. 1. Stay... Read More

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Cook Islands
Cook Islands Tourism North America

Fiji, Bora Bora, and Tahiti usually get top billing when it comes to islands in the South Pacific Ocean. While we definitely can’t argue with the beauty and charm of those destinations, it’s worth noting that the relatively undiscovered Cook Islands — just west of Tahiti and east of Fiji —... Read More

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Hawks Cay/Eddy Vidal

With a balmy climate and lush scenery, the Florida Keys feel far-flung and exotic, even though they’re just a short flight from many major hubs in the U.S. That’s why it’s one of our go-to destinations when we want to disconnect from the daily grind, and reconnect with the things we enjoy — whether... Read More

Mombacho in Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America and is renowned for its cultural islands and adjacent volcanoes. But changes could be on the horizon. The proposed cross-country canal project may pose a major environmental threat, due to the presence of large ships, changing water levels, pollution, and reduced wetlands. With... Read More

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Wyndham Grand Rio Mar, Puerto Rico. USA. Photography by: Victor Elias Photography.
Wyndham Grand Rio Mar, Puerto Rico/Victor Elias Photography

We know how hard it is to find an all-inclusive deal in Puerto Rico. So we were thrilled when the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar launched a new program last month that gives guests unlimited access to its bars, restaurants, and other amenities. Because, let’s face it — it’s nice to... Read More

 Dominica/flickr/Gail Frederick
Dominica/flickr/Gail Frederick

Between the crystal blue water, dense foliage, and sweeping waterfalls, Dominica has rightfully earned its nickname the Nature Island. Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic (which shares Hispaniola with Haiti), Dominica is just a stone’s throw from Martinique — and is accessible from the French island without an... Read More

Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines
Chocolate Hills/Flickr/shankar s.

The island of Bohol — located south of Cebu in the Philippines — is rich in relaxed beach communities, coral reefs, and rainforest landscape. The island is, at present, mostly a backpacker’s hangout due to its limited access, requiring a series of flights and/or ferries to reach. But that... Read More