Stykkisholmur/Katie Hammel
Stykkisholmur/Katie Hammel

The land of fire and ice is hot right now — so hot that tourists outnumber locals by more than four to one — and it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the solitude this wild and sparsely populated country once offered in abundance. But away from the capital city... Read More

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Sextantio Le Grotte

We all have our favorite places to visit when we go vacation; but for those looking to experience something magical and truly unique, here are seven hotels and resorts that even photos don’t do justice. Sextantio Le Grotte: Matera, Italy Located in the hilltop village of Matera in the southern Italian region... Read More

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 Westfjords/flickr/Bernard McManus
Westfjords/flickr/Bernard McManus

Tucked away in the northwest corner of the country, Iceland’s Westfjords region is a mass of narrow, mountainous peninsulas plunging into the Atlantic. Fewer than 6 percent of all visitors travel to the Westfjords, making it the least visited place in the increasingly popular tourist destination. While getting there isn’t... Read More

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 Manang / Chabad of Nepal /
Manang/Chabad of Nepal/

Holidays tend to feel a little less holiday-like when you’re on the road and far from home. But those traveling this weekend at the start of Passover — which begins on Friday, April 22 — can celebrate at one of the thousands of seders hosted by, which brings Jewish traditions to people... Read More

Icelandic horses in Iceland
Icelandic horses/Flickr/Christopher Michel

Iceland is an idiosyncratic place. In the winter, darkness reigns, while in the summer, the sun barely sets. The country is roughly the size of Kentucky and 10 percent of it’s covered in glaciers, yet there’s room for 66 golf courses. It’s a place where “land of contrasts” is... Read More


We recently told you about how to take an Iceland road trip in any season, but now we’d like you to consider taking one in winter. It may seem like the wrong time for a road trip in Iceland, but it’s arguably one of the best times to experience... Read More

Ring Road in Iceland
Ring Road/Flickr/kismihok

The idea of driving in Iceland can be a bit overwhelming for some travelers. Iceland’s very name conjures images of roads covered in ice and snow, and the country’s reputation for otherworldly landscapes might make drivers wary of navigating. But driving in this country is actually very easy and... Read More

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

It’s no secret that visiting Iceland in winter means huge savings compared to the summer. And if you’re able to take a last-minute trip in the coming weeks, you can also enjoy holiday cheer in full force without the holiday weekend premiums. (The same geothermal energy that makes the... Read More

Fontana Spa1
Katie Hammel

The Blue Lagoon is the most famous of Iceland’s hot springs. But it’s also the most visited tourist attraction in Iceland, and at certain times, you can tell — the spring-fed, man-made lagoon has even recently turned people away during peak hours due to crowding. On your next Iceland trip, we... Read More

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Viking Fontane longship Elbe River
Viking River Cruises

Which cruise lines are making headlines this week? Travel journalist Donna Tunney — ShermansTravel’s cruise expert — has all the latest news. Check back every Tuesday for trends, new amenities, and money-saving ideas that help you plan a perfect vacation at sea. When Viking River Cruises christened a dozen new river... Read More

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reykjavik lights hotels
Reykjavik Lights/Facebook

Reykjavík isn’t the most budget-friendly of travel destinations overall, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a grim dormitory room or soulless budget accommodations to save on lodging. These stylish hotels and hotel-hostel hybrids have managed to capture the kind of cool you’d expect of far... Read More

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Casa Gracia 1
Casa Garcia

Hostels aren’t just for students and backpackers anymore — quite a few can hold their own against pricier boutique hotels, boasting hip décor and private rooms, at more affordable costs to boot. No matter what your age, these seven hostels will make all grown-ups forget that they’re on a... Read More

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yoga - royal caribbean

Which cruise lines are making headlines this week? Travel journalist Donna Tunney — ShermansTravel’s cruise expert — has all the latest news. Check back every Tuesday for trends, new amenities, and money-saving ideas that help you plan a perfect vacation at sea.  If you know who Lady Mary, Tom Branson... Read More

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If you’re traveling internationally or even just across the country, chances are you’ll have a layover somewhere during your journey. Rather than waiting for hours inside the airport, why not take advantage of your location and head into the city? You’ve already paid to get there, after all. Whether... Read More


The northern lights, winter attractions, package deals, and ways to save in the capital; we have quite thoroughly laid out some of the best reasons to visit Iceland. Now, here is a new hotel chain that will open up your options once you’ve booked your ticket. ... Read More