Kauai Shores in Hawaii
Kauai Shores, an Aqua Hotel

Kauai may be known for its adventurous vibe, outdoor scenery, rural landscape, and gushing waterfalls, but it doesn’t slack off when the day is done. From service-oriented luxury resorts to kicked-back cottages, the island has a variety of options that offer different experiences for different types of travelers. Here... Read More

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 lilikoi fruit/Facebook/Monkeypod Jam
lilikoi fruit/Facebook/Monkeypod Jam

Kauai is nicknamed the Garden Island for its lush, fertile land; but you might be surprised to learn that at least ninety percent of the food consumed here — and in the state of Hawaii — is imported. The reason: As the plantation era came to a close in the mid-twentieth century, land that had been devoted to large-scale... Read More

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Na Pali Coast Kauai/flickr/n4rwhals
Na Pali Coast Kauai/flickr/n4rwhals

Between the tropical rainforest and scenic hiking trails, the hidden beaches and dramatic coastline, Kauai’s landscape offers endless opportunities for adventure. Here are our top ten picks to experience the best of Hawaii’s Garden Island. 1. Sunbathe at Polihale State Park While most folks flock to Kauai’s North Shore for the beach, Polihale State Park on the west side... Read More

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 Pearl Harbor/flickr/Laurens Doesborgh
Pearl Harbor/flickr/Laurens Doesborgh

On December 7, 1941 — about eighteen years before Hawaii became a U.S. state — the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the United States military stationed at Pearl Harbor. It began at 7:55 a.m. and took only one hour and fifteen minutes. Nearly half of the 2,403 causalities occurred when... Read More

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Sunset on the Big Island of Hawaii
Sunset/Flickr/Montse PB

The island of Hawaii (nicknamed the Big Island) has so much to offer visitors with its diverse geographies and landscapes. From stand-up paddle boarding to fluming (more on that later!), here are our top 10 activities that are a must-see on the Big Island. 1. Lava Hike The island of Hawaii is volcanic... Read More

 The Pig and the Lady/Facebook/@rick_poon
The Pig and the Lady/Facebook/@rick_poon

If Hawaii has one perceived flaw, it’s the price tag. Visitors often marvel at the high cost of living in the main tourism district of Waikiki, telling jokes about a $6 gallon of milk or a $15 margarita. But sitting in the shadows of the fancy hotels and high-end... Read More

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Guestroom at The Belamar in California
Guestroom/The Belamar

The beach is a huge draw for a late-summer vacation or a quiet retreat after school’s back in session. Fortunately, deals are in abundance for August and September escapes, given that the summer rush is over. From Hawaii to Tobago — and many spots in between — here are six places... Read More

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Flickr Andrew K. Smith
Flickr/Andrew K. Smith

The National Park Service isn’t alone in celebrating a centennial in 2016 — three national parks turn 100 this year, too. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala National Park, and Bandelier National Monument all gained protected status in the months leading up to the creation of the park service on... Read More

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A view of the stars from Elqui Domos in Pisco Elqui, Chile
Starry view/Facebook.com/ElquiDomos

There’s nothing quite like looking up and setting your sights on the stars. The weeks ahead and spring are prime viewing times, too, thanks to celestial events like a super-bright full moon on February 22; close encounters with planets (Jupiter on March 8 and Mercury on April 18); and... Read More

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Holualoa Inn, Hawaii Island
Holualoa Inn

Everyone usually ends up on Hawaii Island at least once in their lifetime, whether for the beaches or the water or the volcanoes. And chances are, big resorts are what first come to mind when it’s time to look for lodging — but this list might just change that.... Read More

Hawaii Island is one of most ecologically diverse islands in the world, home to dozens of microclimates and nearly every ecosystem found on the planet. Each and every one of them are fascinating, but our favorite is arguably the volcanic terrain. Good thing, then, that the island offers the chance... Read More

Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina
Four Seasons Oahu

With expanses of blue ocean everywhere, you wouldn’t think that Hawaii would need man-made swimming lagoons. But the ones at Ko Olina, on Oahu’s southwest coast, achieve something improbable on this naturally picture-perfect island: they’re beautiful. ... Read More

Kalawao Sea Cliffs at Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Molokai, Hawaii
Darren Murph

Many of America’s great treasures lie within the National Park System. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite’s Half Dome, Denali, and the largest mangrove ecosystem in the western hemisphere are all protected by the federal government, set aside for future generations to enjoy. These spectacular places are mostly public lands —... Read More

Honua Kai Resort & Spa, Maui, Hawaii
Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Is there anything dreamier than a trip to Hawaii? In case swaying palm trees and soft, sandy beaches aren’t enough to convince you, consider two offers from Maui’s Honua Kai Resort and Spa — offering suite stays for as low as $230 per night this fall. ... Read More

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Island
Flickr/Tom Bricker

Nighttime can be the best time to visit some destinations. From a Hawaiian volcano to a radio tower, here are five of our favorite places (and one bonus) worth staying up for. ... Read More