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Greece has seen its share of hardship in the past years, but tourism is still booming. Even with a weakened euro, however, Europe is known for denting pocketbooks, and Athens, home to some of the continent’s greatest landmarks, is no different. Here are a few budget-friendly activities in this... Read More

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As the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean, you’re right to expect that Crete boasts beaches aplenty. Though the main transportation hubs of Chania and Heraklion have their own beaches nearby, you can do better. Instead of stopping there, head for some of these... Read More


After a year-long absence from Eurail’s Select Pass program, France officially returned to the network last month, becoming the 27th participating European country. (Other changes: Eurail has chosen to do away with passes that allow travel between three and five pre-selected countries, in lieu of a four-country pass only.)... Read More

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Ice is melting, your heavy coats are finally put away, and that urge to get outside is starting to come back. After a brutal winter, spring has finally arrived. But instead of gently easing out of winter, we suggest diving in, head-first. Shoulder season, that sweet spot between spring and... Read More

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We have Santorini on our minds, with hotel openings and renovations galore coming up on this legendary Greek island. For starters, there’s the all-new Iconic Santorini, a cadera boutique with luscious veranda pools, opening in April. The sophisticated Grace Santorini has finished a three-year refurbishment, and modern Santa Marina Resort... Read More

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As much as we love travel, no one loves the red-tape-filled process of getting a new visa. Here are a few helpful tips for securing your travel documents in a few specific places around the world — namely, in East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. We chose these areas... Read More

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Shoulder Season Spots in Europe

Here we are in September, and though certain parts of Europe tend to cool down faster than others (Vienna is already in the low 60s, while Sicily is keeping things at a balmy 75 degrees) summer season has for the most part come and gone. But don’t let that... Read More

Adventure Travel Tours

Since 2009, the adventure travel industry has grown at a staggering rate – 65 percent year-over-year – and today it’s a $263 billion industry. While the words “adventure travel” might make you think of extreme heli hiking or mountain biking through the Alps, there’s a huge range of options, many of... Read More

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Island of Ithaca

You could spend a lifetime exploring the many islands of Greece, and yet, a couple of these isles have stolen most of the attention in the eyes of travelers. Mykonos and Santorini are downright stunning, but other islands (in areas beyond the Cyclades) can compete with equally incredible beauty and... Read More

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Hangover Cures Around the World

No matter where we call home, we share one thing in common: gathering around the table to break bread and crack open a bottle or two. Sometimes when the conversation and local liquor get flowing, the result is a big old headache the following morning. Approaches to alleviating the hangover... Read More

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Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner. You may be sniffling from spring allergies now, but Memorial Day will be here before you know it, bringing warm temperatures, shortened work days, and summer vacations. Don’t let the season sneak up on you; take advantage of the... Read More

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Spring Cruise Deals

Don’t let the Carnival Cruise Line’s recent newsworthy items deter you from hitting the high seas. There are millions of cruises that sail each year without making the news. They have great customer service, activities for families, couples, and seniors, onboard entertainment, and unique ports around the world. Today... Read More

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I was confident that we had closed the book on Europe’s need to work more and vacation less in “An Open Letter to Europe.” The only strong point that I missed (and that blogger Christine Cantera pointed out in the comments) is the need for our friends on the... Read More

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Europe map

Author’s Note: In light of the recent financial crisis in Europe, it seems like the appropriate time to air some grievances regarding traditional practices in the region and how they affect tourism. By no means am I an economist, but I do have a checking account and a fair... Read More

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I’m getting married in less than three weeks [hold for applause]. It’s a destination wedding, which probably merits its own blog post at some point. However, since wedding planning has rendered me unable to put together a string of coherent thoughts, it’s best if I focus on the honeymoon... Read More