Megeve skiing

After a great time in Zermatt, I traveled three hours to spend a few days skiing in Megève, France. Megève is just one hour west of Geneva, and it’s a great combination with a ski trip to Zermatt. It is possible to arrange a car transfer or train it... Read More

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Crillon Town View 1 Edit2

A Mediterranean fairytale caught between the mountains and the sea, Hotel Crillon le Brave thrives in an ancient, Proven?al village (named after Henry IV’s fiercest generals from the 17th century), resting on a Mont Ventoux perch. Through fall 2010 and spring 2011, Hotel Crillon is advertising nightly rates starting... Read More

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mediterranean cruise

By: Zach Custer, Amber Nolan & Elina Vaysbeyn Sailing the storied waters of the Mediterranean offers a sense of romance and adventure on the high seas that is virtually unsurpassed, with its shimmering, cerulean sea providing access to a staggering array of diversified ports, ranging from sleepy old-world fishing villages... Read More

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The economic turmoil that has rocked Europe in the past weeks has a silver lining for American travelers – a plunging euro has lead to the lowest exchange rate in years. You can take advantage of the strong dollar with discounts at a brand-new property from Abercrombie & Kent... Read More

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Anyone who has had even a small taste of the sweet life in France or Italy has probably fantasized about renting a restored farmhouse in Provence, an estate in Tuscany, or a château in the Loire Valley. Indeed, no hotel stay can compare to having a grand European home... Read More


You’ve always envied those people: the ones who can hop a pesky handrail with agonizing ease, while you and the rest of the sheep crowd down the stairs. Now, thanks to the exploding popularity of a physical pursuit called parkour, there’s no reason to continue to seethe amidst the... Read More

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No matter how much we travel, it’s still exciting to peek into a hotel room’s bathroom and see what kind of toiletries are on offer. With hotels nickle and diming guests at every turn (for WiFi, bottled water, beach chairs . . .), toiletries sometimes seem like the last... Read More

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best food tours
Poisson d’Avril/Photocuisine/CorbisHead on a culinary tour to the Big Easy, where crawfish are a staple of local cuisine

By: Becca Bergman Everyone knows that one of the best ways to explore a destination is with a knife and fork. While it’s easy to visit fine restaurants or attend a cooking class, these culinary tours offer rarified experiences that simply cannot be had on one’s own. From feasting on... Read More


The Luxury Experience Avalon Waterways, whose unique cruise/land tours, combined with outstanding service and a sleek, modern fleet, landed the company one of Sherman’s Travel 2009 Smart Luxury Awards. The 138-guest Avalon Scenery glides along the Saône and Rhône rivers through the French countryside of Burgundy and Provence on... Read More


This year, French Country Waterways is tipping their glass to married couples everywhere by offering a quinquennial wedding anniversary special (for those that have been together for five or more years). The luxury river-barge line is reducing rates by five percent for each quinquennial anniversary celebrated. The longer couples... Read More

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Views abound on these best train vacations in Europe, Asia, the U.S., and more
iStock InternationalBreathtaking views abound on these 10 unforgettable train trips

Whether sparked by childhood tales of Thomas the Tank Engine chugging along or during college adventures backpacking the tracks through Europe, a love affair with the locomotive has been kindled within many of us from early on. We’re awed by the power of their engines, which promise to pull... Read More

Jim's Journal Paris

No matter how many times I visit Paris, there is always reason to come back – which is a sign of a true world capital. Fall may be the perfect time to visit, too, as the stultifying summer heat is gone, Parisians have returned from their holidays, and the... Read More