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 The Americano Restaurant at the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco, CA
The Americano Restaurant at the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco, CA

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s rare and exciting when a hotel offers breakfast that goes beyond wet scrambled eggs and mini pastries. These 10 hotel breakfasts will inspire you to get down to the dining room early or to splurge on room service. Archer Hotel, Austin, TX When the Archer Austin hotel opens in September, it will... Read More

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 Fremont Street 1958/The Mob Museum Facebook/courtesy of Vintage Las Vegas
Fremont Street, 1958/The Mob Museum Facebook/courtesy of Vintage Las Vegas

These days, everything in Las Vegas seems shiny and new. For every building that’s knocked down, a luxury property rises from its ashes. Luckily, there’s still some old-school charm left in Sin City, where a few institutions still stand and traces of the Rat Pack linger. Head to Downtown Vegas, where a handful of... Read More

 Seattle Great Wheel/flickr/Nicola
Seattle Great Wheel/flickr/Nicola

Seattle’s waterfront is undergoing a major facelift, and it has more to offer than ever on a sunny summer afternoon. Here’s how to soak up every second of it. Start at the Olympic Sculpture Park, a free sculpture garden that is part of the Seattle Art Museum. The nine-acre park... Read More

Se7en Bites, Orlando
Se7en Bites/Laura Motta

Orlando isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of trendy. But beyond the water rides, roller coasters, and mouse ears that put Orlando on the map, the city has a personality all its own — apart from the theme parks. Here’s what to do, see, and eat if you’re... Read More

Pfefferbett Hostel in Berlin, Germany
Pfefferbett Hostel

Berlin has always been a city that’s good at reusing abandoned spaces in creative ways. Tempelhof, an old airport built in 1923, is now a massive public park (the hangars now house hundreds of refugees). In the middle of the Spree river, the Badeschiff is a floating swimming pool... Read More

 Koen Smilde
Koen Smilde

Though its winding canals and quaint façades are steeped in historic charm, Amsterdam has recently begun a notable push toward more modernity. New museums strengthen assert a new focus on contemporary arts, of-the-moment chefs bring fresh flavors to the table, and even those iconic canals are now being approached from new directions (locavore cruises, anyone?).... Read More

The patio at Lago in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is about so much more than gambling. Over the years, it has evolved into a haven for foodies who love big names, and big flash in the dining room. In Vegas, it’s not uncommon to see 24-carat gold flake on a grapefruit-sized macron, eat truffles flown in... Read More

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_DSC5695 Adobe
Teresa Bitler

With its cobblestone streets and Old World charm, Québec City can be a budget-friendly alternative to a European vacation, as long as you know what’s worth the splurge (and what’s not). If you don’t, though, the expenses (minus airfare) can rival their overseas counterparts. Keep your budget in check on your next... Read More

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Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia/Connie Hum

Savannah, Georgia is the kind of place that quickly draws in visitors with its draping Spanish moss, manicured gardens, grand architecture, and charming cobblestone streets. But if the way into one’s heart truly is through the stomach, then this city solidifies itself as a top foodie destination. Although there is... Read More

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St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri
St. Louis/Flickr/Sam Valadi and Kansas City/Flickr/Stuart Seeger

Unless you’re a die-hard baseball fan (hello, St. Louis Cardinals and KC Royals), it might be difficult to choose which of Missouri’s two largest cities to visit. Both have world-class museums and attractions, bucket list-worthy food scenes, and toe-tapping music scenes. So, which city is right for you? We... Read More

Mimosas/Flickr/Joe Shlabotnik

Brunch in New York just got even better. In an effort to update liquor laws dating back to Prohibition, state legislators are passing a bill that allows alcohol to be served starting at 10 a.m. instead of noon on Sundays. With brunch being a staple of weekends in the city, here... Read More

Bahn mi
Bahn mi/Flickr/Ribs

President Obama and Anthony Bourdain recently sat down for a casual meal together in Hanoi, Vietnam. Instead of a formal restaurant, they chatted over a bowl of bun cha at a streetside food stall perched atop plastic stools, stirring up a media frenzy. The Commander-in-chief and chef’s time together will be... Read More

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 Flatiron, Toronto/flickr/Canned Muffins
Flatiron, Toronto/flickr/Canned Muffins

Nearly 30 years ago, English actor Peter Ustinov described Toronto as, “New York operated by the Swiss.” The idea that Toronto offers the cultural attractions of the Big Apple without the chaos — and the cost — is truer than ever. Due to decreasing oil prices, the Canadian dollar is now valued at... Read More

Kimmel Center, Philadelphia
Kimmel Center/iStock

From the signing of the Declaration to hosting this year’s Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia has played, and continues to play, a pivotal role in U.S. history — visible in its cobblestoned streets and historic architecture. But with a wave of new renovations, Philly is blending its past and present to make the former feel as relevant as ever. Whether... Read More

 Oxeheart/Christina Garofalo
Oxeheart/Christina Garofalo

Houston claimed eight of the nominees for this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards. That’s right — Houston, that other Texan city. The unprecedented number — which includes a record of five chefs elected for the category Best Chef: Southwest, and the winner of the title, Justin Yu — suggests a larger trend... Read More