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Singapore National Orchid Gardens/Christina Garofalo
Singapore National Orchid Gardens/Christina Garofalo

With nearly 30,000 known species, the Orchid Family comprises the largest plant species in the world — and new kinds are still being discovered every few months, including three last fall near Machu Picchu. Though orchids are associated with the tropics, they live on nearly every continent and in every climate — from the marshes of... Read More

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Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, FL
Shark Valley/Ann Babe Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, FL

Let’s be honest: Everglades City isn’t about to win any awards for luxury travel. It’s not the place to pamper yourself with shopping sprees and spas. It’s not going to seduce you with glamour and glitz. This is where you go to hold a baby alligator, then eat his... Read More

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Flickr Dave Hensley
Flickr/Dave Hensley

With 58 national parks to choose from, picking the park that’s the best match for your interests can be a challenge. We’ve taken 10 popular park activities and matched them to the best park for that activity, so the next time you’re wondering which one is best for you... Read More

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iStock InternationalA close-to-home safari reveals some pretty amazing wildlife

Craving an exhilarating expedition that’ll get you face-to-face with wondrous wildlife right on their own turf? There’s no need to trek to the wilds of Africa or the Amazon (and empty out the lion’s share of your savings in the process) – these vast and great United States offer... Read More