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Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France
Arc de Triomphe/Flickr/Omarukai

Sure, it’s touristy — but Paris’ Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous streets in the world. Extending from the Arc du Triomphe to the Louvre, the picturesque route through Paris’ 8th arrondissement is lined with decadent eats, adorable boutiques, and the Instagram-worthy Tuilerie Gardens and Place de la Concorde. New... Read More

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Lisbon Oriente/Flickr: spbatt
Lisbon Oriente/Flickr: spbatt

From Brexit and the Greek crisis to the state of Spanish politics, Europe may be in a turbulent period right now but, for visitors, there is one travel service that reliably sews the continent together: the Eurail pass, now nearly sixty years old. Eurail was established at another critical time in... Read More

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 Avital Pinnick/Tourismo Toscana
Avital Pinnick/Tourismo Toscana

Sometimes it feels like if you’ve seen one cathedral, you’ve seen them all. But these stunners from around the world might just cure your religious building fatigue. Glass Galore: Sainte-Chapelle (Paris, France) If you love colors, there’s nothing like the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, which is wrapped in stained glass on all... Read More

 AC Hotel Diagonal L'Illa
AC Hotel Diagonal L’Illa

Designed for young business travelers, the 103-room AC Hotel Diagonal L’Illa is built for millennials of all stripes, but its professional-minded programming and sleek, efficient design appeal to entrepreneurs specifically. The concept: Only the features you want, and none of the ones you don’t. The staff is trained, for example, to be helpful... Read More

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Central Market in Valencia, Spain
Central Market/Rosalind Cummings-Yeates

As the third largest city in Spain, Valencia is known for its palm-tree lined streets and mix of old and new architecture. But this sophisticated city offers so much more than pretty buildings. From sampling the fascinating culinary history to bike riding through medieval streets, there are a myriad... Read More

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Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey
Kingda Ka/

Testing the limits of physics and defying gravity, the world’s fastest roller coasters zoom their way into the record books at white-knuckle speeds. Hold on tight — really tight — as these five mega-coasters guarantee the heart-pounding ride of a lifetime. 1. Formula Rossa at Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi) The world-record holder since its... Read More

 Lisbon/flickr/Rustam Aliyev
Lisbon/flickr/Rustam Aliyev

It’s said that before the explorers under Portugal’s 15th century Prince Henry the Navigator returned from new worlds, he ordered them to bring back any exotic fruits, nuts, and plants. Lisbon, today, still heeds. These eateries (and waterholes) are perfect for budget-conscious travelers looking for a taste of what Lisbon’s 500,000 locals inexpensively... Read More

 flickr/Kokorowa Shinjin
flickr/Kokorowa Shinjin

As people gear up for their summer getaways, Europe remains a hot destination. But two weeks ago the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning for Americans traveling to Europe because of an increased risk of terrorist attacks at major events, tourist sites, restaurants, commercial centers, and on transportation. With recent... Read More

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Sextantio Le Grotte

We all have our favorite places to visit when we go vacation; but for those looking to experience something magical and truly unique, here are seven hotels and resorts that even photos don’t do justice. Sextantio Le Grotte: Matera, Italy Located in the hilltop village of Matera in the southern Italian region... Read More

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Coeval Three Quays London
Coeval Three Quays

The steady influx of well-heeled business travelers into London — a city that’s always acted as a kind of crossroads between the continents — has meant the development of a specific kind of lodging: the luxury apartment-style hotel. But short-term visitors can find plenty to love in these properties, too.... Read More

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An aerial view of the Harmony of the Seas.
Harmony of the Seas/Royal Caribbean International

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this week in cruising and how it could impact your next trip… Cruise on Italian brand Costa Cruises and you can have a very unique exchange with an unusual cruise ship greeter: a humanoid robot named “Pepper.” He speaks impeccable English, Italian and German... Read More

Milan Duomo
Flickr/Andrea Tornabene

There are many reasons to go across the pond in fall, not least of which are the flight deals that pop up every summer. On our radar this week are two great fares to Europe: $499 roundtrip to Milan on Emirates and $599 roundtrip to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines.... Read More

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budapest - view from gellert hill
Flickr/Moyan Brenn

Is it possible to plan a budget-friendly European vacation — and one that doesn’t involve endless street food or scenes out of Hostel? Of course it is! We rounded up the cheapest spots across the pond for almost anything, from flights to five-star hotels to macchiatos. ... Read More

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Star Legend

Many think that small-ship cruising is the equivalent to private yachting: exclusive, pampering, and out-of-reach. After the recent launch of two of Windstar’s power yachts, the Star Breeze and Star Legend, setting sail in Europe and the Caribbean, we can testify that these assumptions aren’t all true. A posh experience, yes... Read More

amawaterways river cruise vs ocean cruise

River cruising has been the fastest growing segment of travel for several years — but is it the perfect fit for you? Before you board a river cruise to sail through Europe, Asia, or other destinations with smaller ports that are well-suited for river cruising, consider these 10 differences between... Read More