1000 Islands Harbor Hotel/Facebook/Nick Atwood
1000 Islands Harbor Hotel/Facebook/Nick Atwood

Though filmmakers favor New York City as the setting for love stories, the smaller towns outside the city — despite their lack of airtime — can be just as, if not more, romantic. Charming Victorian homes, vast forests, and winding rivers throughout New York state offer boundless opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and inspiration with your other half. Easily accessible from... Read More

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Blue Deer Cabin in the Catskills, New York
Blue Deer Cabin/HomeAway

Move over, five-star refinery, and make way for rustic comforts. Cabin rentals are becoming increasingly popular, especially with travelers who want to vacation with extended family and friends and with those who just want to get away from it all. Here are seven cabins — from riverfront hideaways... Read More

i love new york ski bus to catskills and berkshires

The one upside to inches and inches of snow this time of the year? Great skiing, of course. That’s why we’re happy to report that there’s finally an affordable solution to get to the ski slopes of New York State: a comfortable bus ride that starts from just $89... Read More

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It’s not hard to understand why someone, on their first visit to New York, would be reluctant to venture outside of New York City. It’s where the action is. It offers an incredibly rich culture. It’s iconic. But just north of the city lies a whole state, waiting to be... Read More

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Road Trip U.S.A: Midwest, Northeast & Other Weekend Drives

Forget the bald eagle or the Statue of Liberty. In America, the car is still the ultimate symbol of freedom, empowering us to shift our daily routines out of idle and “go anywhere,” as long as we make peace with the traffic report before we go. ... Read More

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El Capitan Canyon

Whether you’re packing up the family for a few more days of quality time before everyone’s hectic school year schedules start up again or planning a rendezvous for two, these hotels are offering an old-school way to kick it on a red-checkered blanket, no ants allowed, for the last... Read More

Skyrider hunter mountain Zipline Tour Ny

We covered New York Zipline Adventures when it opened its first two courses at Hunter Mountain last fall, but we haven’t returned since the company launched its third and most ambitious project yet: The Skyrider Tour, North America’s highest and fastest ziplining course, and the second-largest of its kind... Read More

NY Ziplining

Gone are the days you had to set off to some obscure Central American rainforest to get your ziplining fix. Happily for adventurous American travelers, numerous ziplining operations have been cropping up across the country, with one of the newest – and the largest – of the bunch perfectly... Read More


For truly uncommon lodging, try a stay at this offbeat, pop-culture inspired motel in the heart of the scenic Catskill mountain range. Guests of The Roxbury can choose one of the various themed studios, such as Room #14, made to resemble the inside of a giant blue box from... Read More