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With these products, there’s no excuse to ditch the workout routine while you travel. A resistance therapy band: This simple and affordable tool allows you to work multiple parts of the body with just one piece of small, foldable equipment. The affordable band from Black Mountain comes with different... Read More

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If you’re dreaming of packing the car, turning up the radio, and exploring your state, region, or even the whole country this summer, we have you covered. Here’s a list of products that will make your trip more memorable, and more fun. For those watching the sky… On August 21, 2017... Read More

Travel gear
Travel gear

Are you a chronic overpacker? One of those people who sit on their suitcase so that it will zip? It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve picked seven key travel items, from electronics to double-duty clothing and luggage — each that’ll streamline your travel load and save your... Read More

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Flickr/Steven Pisano
Flickr/Steven Pisano Flickr/Steven Pisano

We are not all lucky enough to have close and knowledgeable friends in every city we visit. Luckily, there are a handful of audio tour guides that can fill in. The following audio tours can discretely (and affordably) be downloaded onto your phone and offer experiences that bring you... Read More

 Bär Baer/flickr
Bär Baer/flickr

Every September, hotels ramp up their wellness offerings to honor National Yoga Month. While a discounted yoga package with your stay is nice, the beauty of yoga is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. As celebrity yoga instructor Rodney Yee once said: “The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing... Read More

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An Art-o-mat machine
Art-o-mat machine/

New vending machines are swapping Pepsi and pretzels for things you might actually need along your travels. Here are a few that caught our eye. 1. Cosmetics. Forgot to pack your mascara? Skip an emergency drugstore run by hitting up a Benefit Glam Up & Away! kiosk. Found at more than 20 airports across the country — including New... Read More

Flowers/Christina Garofalo

Smell is one of the most powerful triggers for memory. While nothing beats visiting a place in person, a whiff of lemon, burnt sugar, or pine can instantly transport you back to a favorite destination. Here’s a look at five perfumes that will take you on a sensory journey. Cuba... Read More

Stella and Dot tote_alt

While most of us have a tried-and-true handbag for everyday use, it’s tough to find the perfect travel bag. A tote for the road has a different set of requirements: It needs to be functional, yet fashionable and lightweight with plenty of pockets. Here, five carryalls that deliver style and practicality but don’t... Read More

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Comfortable walking shoes are like pillows for your feet. (Illustration by Erik Mace for Yahoo Travel) By Elycia Rubin for Yahoo! Travel Heading out of town almost always entails one thing… lots of walking. Hoofing it on ancient cobble stone streets, city pavement, or even tropical sands calls for proper footwear.... Read More

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scratch off city maps -- paris, a great gift for travelers
Chronicle Books

When it comes to buying gifts for the traveler in your life, it’s always good to focus on what’s practical. There’s always plenty of new gear and gadgets to save time, pack more efficiently, and generally travel better. This year, though, we wanted to think outside the box in finding some... Read More

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usb powered travel accessories - fan, heated jacket, cleanser brush
Kikkerland fan/Venture Heat jacket/Michael Todd petite cleanser

When you’re traveling, power outlets can sometimes be difficult to come by, whether you’re trying to charge up from an airport, your hotel room, or a café. But if you travel with a laptop or a power bank, you’re in luck — there are tons of travel accessories these days... Read More

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So many suitcases to choose from, but how do you know what to look for? (Photo: iStock) By Melinda Crow for Yahoo! Travel I recently found myself in the unenviable position of having two luggage breakdowns at the same time. First, the wheel broke on my rolling carry-on, and then my... Read More

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G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage from Netta shalgi. Hardly a month passes in the travel industry that we don’t catch wind of a new piece of luggage, but Travel-Light’s latest is something that’s got our attention. One quick look at G-RO and you’ll see that the rollaboard has an entirely different... Read More

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orion travel technologies luggage with ads

Would you be willing to shill for a brand in order to have your baggage fees covered? (Photo: screen capture from Orion Travel Technologies) By Billie Cohen for Yahoo! Travel Pay no baggage fees for a year? Sounds like a dream — or a gimmick. And of course, it’s a bit... Read More

fitbit and mophie, must-have travel accesories 2
Fitbit; Mophie

Thanks to heavy baggage fees, travelers have become obsessed with packing as little as possible and cramming all their belongings into their carry-ons whenever possible. But as we streamline, some items we pack over and over again because they’re crucial to making our trips as seamless as possible. We... Read More