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Shay Mitchell is one of those Pretty Little Liars. Well, at least that’s her day job.

When the actress and blogger isn’t working, she’s jetsetting. “I love traveling, and whenever I have a hiatus, that’s what I do,” says Shay. The Canadian-born traveler has explored Cambodia, Italy (she’s obsessed!), and Africa, among others. “You have to take that time and travel and see what is going on outside of where you live,” says Shay. “We live in a bit of a bubble and you need to pop it every once in a while.”

Read on for our exclusive chat.

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Here at ShermansTravel, we jump at the chance to make traveling less stressful — even fun. From a tool to de-clutter electronics to a simple water hack, here are five surprising accessories that create a better away-from-home experience.

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File this under the “better safe than sorry” category. ThermalStrike, a company specializing in heating technology designed to kill bed bugs, has come out with a new heated suitcase for pest-fearing travelers.

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5 Fall Jackets for Travel

August 29th, 2014 by


Waiting in line at the TSA checkpoint is about as much fun as paying baggage fees, but it helps when you wear clothing that’s versatile enough to do all sorts of things,  including saving you some money while you’re on the go.

Here are five fall jackets that will make travel a lot more practical and stylish. Read more

Ciara Degree DO:MORESince breaking onto the scene in 2004 with her album Goodies, recording artist Ciara has traveled the globe — while on tour and during time off. This new mom has teamed up with Degree’s DO:MORE campaign to take her performances to the next level and challenge people everywhere to accomplish their goals.

In an exclusive interview, Ciara shares where she wants to travel next, what’s in her carry-on, and the scoop on a sweet treat she picked up in Asia.

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travel pillows - joseph brent - 620

Fanny packs. Visor hats. Camera straps. There are so many travel accessories that we roll our eyes at, but there’s no denying the practicality of them. So we’re here to stop the hate, with this ode to money belts, neck pillows, and other vacation gear that don’t get quite as much love as they should:

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In these times of ever increasing checked baggage fees — and even carry-on bag fees (ahem, Spirit Airlines) — a cost-conscious traveler sure feels the benefits of packing light. A love for double-duty items aside, that translates into downsizing toiletries, clothing, and more. Here, five compact travel-friendly products that will save you both space and money on your next trip:

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life preserver - La Citta Vita

Traveling isn’t always a stress-free, smooth-sailing, relaxing-on-the-beach-while-sipping-mojitos experience. Unexpected emergencies – be it a broken ankle, an lost passport, or a bout of food poisoning – can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. So how do you prepare for a potential travel emergency?

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Mother's Day TravelMother’s Day is just around the corner (May 11th) and for those of you still hunting through the grocery store, picking through limp carnation carcasses, or perfecting your macaroni necklace, we’re here to offer a little help. The travel-themed Mother’s Day gifts listed below are perfect for the woman that’s always on the go — and if these end up inspiring her to hop the next Caribbean-bound flight, who knows, maybe you’ll even get to be the lucky travel companion! Read more

Photo cameraphoneThese days, there’s less of a need to haul around a dedicated camera on your travels. Using your phone as your primary travel camera isn’t as far-fetched as it once was, especially if you’re not heading to a place where a zoom lens is crucial, like on a safari. Here are some apps that will help you capture a beautiful smartphone shot. Read more


We’re big fans of unplugging while on vacation, but sometimes our devices just need a little juice. Especially when you’re arriving in an unfamiliar place, it’s good to have a communication and organizing tool at your disposal. While airports and airlines have made great strides in providing charging options in terminals – and they’re continuing to invest to this end – here’s how to power up when you can’t find your own outlet.

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Are you the type who starts planning for a trip months ahead of your departure, or do you prefer to wait until the last minute, speed-read a guidebook on the plane, and just leave the rest up to fate? Whatever your tactics (or lack thereof), the digital age has heralded a new breed of travel tools, designed to help intrepid travelers educate themselves about a destination so they can plan their trip effectively. Here are a few online resources that will surely enhance your next jaunt to a couple of key destinations… Read more

BorneoBorneo, the world’s third largest island, has seen significant portions of its rainforest cut down by logging companies over the years. Still, it remains one of the premier jungles in Southeast Asia, offering adventure travelers the sort of inspiring jaunts that are more typical in South America or Africa. Borneo is home to the endangered Bornean orangutan, the world’s largest flower, and is shared between three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

We hunkered down on the Malaysia side for two weeks, using Kuching as a home base for exploration. While the upfront cost to get there hurts (approximately $1,400 round-trip from New York City), visitors will be pleased with how cheaply they can feed and entertain themselves once on the ground. Here’s a breakdown of where you’ll spend – and where you won’t – next time you plan a trip to this southeast Asian island. Read more

Neiman MarcusWhen you fly, you have enough to worry about without stressing over the size of your liquid containers (3.4 ounces, max), or the plastic bag you put them in (1 quart). So we put together a list of some travel-friendly containers that hold everything from hair products and makeup, to perfumes and vitamins, and will get you through security quickly. They might even add a little style to your travel ensemble. Here’s the list… Read more

LugDon’t let snow, sleet, or Polar Vortex-level temperatures ruin a cold-weather vacation. With these affordable items for men, women, and kids, you’ll be prepared for whatever weather-related surprises January (and February, March, and April) have in store. Best of all, you won’t even have to spend a lot to keep warm. Here are ten of our favorites… Read more

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