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lush solid shampoo and soap bars

For those of us who travel often, keeping our toiletry and beauty essentials within TSA limits just got easier. Thanks to the brave new world of beauty, some of our traditional mainstays now come in solid form. (This means a lighter bag, too, if you’re backpacking anywhere this summer.) These are our favorite non-liquid beauty products:

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hipzbay - cool alternative to fanny pack


Fanny packs were once a major fashion faux pas. No self-respecting traveler would wear a poofy, black nylon pouch hanging under their belly button, despite how truly convenient and effective as safekeepers those eyesores are.

Happily, fanny packs are starting to lose their cringe-worthy reputation and moniker. Today’s hip bags, belt bags, and pocket belts are designed to enhance your wardrobe, not ruin it, while protecting your belongings and taking the weight off your shoulders. Even celebrated designers such as Tory Burch and Michael Kors are getting in on the trend of storing your stuff on your hips. From high end leather bags to slim-line systems that fit under your clothes, there’s one of these now-fashion-forward travel accessories suitable for everyone.

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How to Dress for a Long Flight: 4 Myths Busted

Christine Wei

There are packing tips that all travelers know to follow for long-haul flights — bring layers, grab some earplugs, and maybe slip on an eye mask. But there’s plenty of talk out there, like the suggestion of wearing our heaviest items to save luggage space, that actually would make the flight quite miserable. Here, we bust four myths so you can find as much comfort as possible on your next trip.

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first aid kit - travel medicine essentials - what to pack - pixabay


Getting sick while traveling is no fun. Not only can it slow you down and keep you from enjoying your destination, it can also be a costly expense. Visiting a doctor in a foreign country, after all, probably isn’t part of your health plan — and buying medicine cabinet essentials in a resort gift shop or on a cruise ship isn’t going to be budget-friendly either.

The good news is that most of what you’ll ever need will fit into your carry-on. These simple lifesavers are tiny and lightweight — and none of them are in liquid form, so they won’t take up precious room in your TSA-approved quart-sized bag of toiletries.

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starbucks gift cards new designs 2014

Ready to start your holiday shopping? Whether you’re looking to spend $5 or $300, here are some gifts that will delight your travel-obsessed friends and loved ones… or your travel-obsessed self. (We won’t tell.)

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underwear with pockets - clever companion - an alternative to fanny pack

Oh, money belts. They’re tops in functionality but utterly lacking in both the fashion and comfort departments. Here, we present fanny pack alternatives that are much more attractive — but still do a great job in keeping your possessions safe on the road.

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4132910198_50b9d465b1_zThe best things about birdwatching? You can do it at almost any time of the year, it can be a relaxing break from a packed travel itinerary, and it’s often a fairly low-cost activity. With migratory birds on the move or already at the their winter habitats, now is the perfect time to grab a pair of binoculars (and field guide) and explore some of the nation’s best bird watching destinations. Here are some of our favorites…

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620x400_iStock_EyeMaskUnder-eye circles, desert-like skin, and chapped lips are the telltale signs of the dreaded condition known as “flight face.” Luckily, with the right products (some splurgy, but worth every penny), and the correct application, you can actually step off the plane feeling human — and even refreshed. Here, your guide to treating a redeye like an in-flight spa.  Read more

Lonely Planet the WorldI’m kind of in love with the new Lonely Planet guide to… well… the planet. It’s four inches thick, 956 pages long, and heavy enough to put your carryon solidly over the weight limit on many a European budget airline. It highlights more than 200 countries — including some that don’t exactly top a lot of travelers’ bucket lists. (Heading to Burkina Faso, anyone? How about Turkmenistan?)

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neXstep Luggage new

We’re always impressed by the brilliant ideas that we find on crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo — particularly the ones that solve the biggest problems and frustrations in travel. Here are four smart inventions that we think do it right.

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Shay Mitchell is one of those Pretty Little Liars. Well, at least that’s her day job.

When the actress and blogger isn’t working, she’s jetsetting. “I love traveling, and whenever I have a hiatus, that’s what I do,” says Shay. The Canadian-born traveler has explored Cambodia, Italy (she’s obsessed!), and Africa, among others. “You have to take that time and travel and see what is going on outside of where you live,” says Shay. “We live in a bit of a bubble and you need to pop it every once in a while.”

Read on for our exclusive chat.

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Here at ShermansTravel, we jump at the chance to make traveling less stressful — even fun. From a tool to de-clutter electronics to a simple water hack, here are five surprising accessories that create a better away-from-home experience.

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File this under the “better safe than sorry” category. ThermalStrike, a company specializing in heating technology designed to kill bed bugs, has come out with a new heated suitcase for pest-fearing travelers.

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Waiting in line at the TSA checkpoint is about as much fun as paying baggage fees, but it helps when you wear clothing that’s versatile enough to do all sorts of things,  including saving you some money while you’re on the go.

Here are five fall jackets that will make travel a lot more practical and stylish. Read more

Ciara Degree DO:MORESince breaking onto the scene in 2004 with her album Goodies, recording artist Ciara has traveled the globe — while on tour and during time off. This new mom has teamed up with Degree’s DO:MORE campaign to take her performances to the next level and challenge people everywhere to accomplish their goals.

In an exclusive interview, Ciara shares where she wants to travel next, what’s in her carry-on, and the scoop on a sweet treat she picked up in Asia.

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