flickr/Cory W. Watts
flickr/Cory W. Watts

Given the number of people sleeping, eating, and breathing on flights every day, it’s not surprising that airplane cabins are a cesspool of germs. Add the short-staffed flight crew, who is under pressure to offload and reload passengers quickly, and there is little time for the kind of proper clean-up needed to remove those germs before... Read More

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 flickr/J Aaron Farr
flickr/J Aaron Farr

You could argue that there are two types of people in the world: those who aren’t bothered by the thought of making a trip out to the local drug store to capture passport photos, and those who’d rather have a root canal. If you’re in the latter camp, there’s a free-to-download... Read More

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South Africa Rand
Darren Murph

Getting a deeper discount on already discounted travel? Nothing else makes a savvy, value-conscious traveler happier. That’s exactly where a handful of internet browser extensions come in. Install them for Chrome, Safari, or whichever browser you prefer, and they’ll let you know when coupons and cash back opportunities are... Read More

Oculus Rift Samsung Headset at the New York Marriott Marquis
Samsung virtual reality headset at the New York Marriott Marquis/Laura Motta

Last October, I wrote about Marriott’s efforts to use virtual reality technology in some of its hotels. At the time, it was somewhat unclear how the hotel brand was planning to find practical, day-to-day applications with this new toy — which admittedly, is pretty impressive and fun to use.... Read More

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Instagram wall at Hotel Lucia, Portland, Oregon
Hotel Lucia/Instagram wall

Saving on travel just got a whole lot easier. Well, if you’re a social media addict, at least. Hotel brands like Kimpton and Marriott are already rewarding active social media users, with a slew of boutique accommodations following suit. Goals vary, but it’s safe to assume that properties are aiming... Read More

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whereto travel app shermanstravel

Dear Reader, Travel should always inspire us. But who hasn’t stared blankly at an airline website, or faced the daunting set of choices in a hotel booking engine, hoping that they’re making the right decision? The time spent away from the bustle of our daily lives is so precious, and... Read More


Waiting is rarely easy, and almost never enjoyable, but it’s an inevitable part of travel. During the dark ages, conventional wisdom suggested that one show up well in advance in case of any snags along the way. But these days technology is enabling us to guess less and anticipate... Read More

yotel new york premium cabin with smart bed

It was a late May weekend in New York City — which meant heavy flash rains and muddy streets. Having just gotten into the swing of spring, I was woefully underdressed on my way to Yotel on Tenth Avenue. Thank heavens, then, that I could get my keys straight... Read More

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HotelTonight, the last-minute hotel-booking app, has launched a tool called Escape to source the greatest getaway deals for the weekend ahead. Booking a room via the app is already a snap, but Escape makes it more convenient to book an entire getaway that’s up to an additional 30-40 percent off average... Read More

bag2go RFID luggage online check bag

Your suitcase is going high-tech. From tracking apps to suitcases that weigh themselves, here’s what’s new in the world of suitcases (and a few things we can’t wait to become reality). ... Read More

chargers and converters
Flickr_Alan Levine

Power problems are a major pain in the you-know-what for travelers. Every country seems to have its own voltage and requires its own adapters, accounting for power as well as outlet shape. Even more confusingly, not all adapters work for all devices — we’ve often found, for example, the... Read More

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Nokia Here Apps

Today, smartphones are arguably better navigators than those traditional GPS units that sit on the dashboard, thanks to real-time map updates and an infinitely searchable database. That’s as long as you have internet connection, of course. But what happens when you’re in a remote region here in the States... Read More

Facebook, Emergency Alerts
Darren Murph

The recent Nepal earthquake is devastating, but it’s worth noting that, in the wake of disaster, a handful of technology companies have stepped up to provide help in any way that they can. One of those ways is by enabling people on the ground to easily get the one message that matters... Read More

Google Project Fi

We already know that standard international roaming rates can lead to horror stories of coming home to insanely high smartphone bills. That’s why many of us simply switch our smartphones to airplane mode when heading to a foreign land, relying on spotty and inconsistent WiFi signals to attempt to stay in touch.... Read More

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Apple Watch

With Apple Watch shipping to consumers later this month (April 24th, to be exact), it’s fair to say that the smartwatch revolution is officially underway. Even in Apple’s promotional keynote, it leaned heavily on travel-related examples to prove the product’s value. Many have questioned whether or not you truly... Read More