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Lake Louise Boathouse, a top reason to visit Banff

The Canadian resort town of Banff was founded in the late 1880s as a retreat for the rich, so it’s no surprise that you can spend a small fortune in this hot spring haven. Still, with a little planning, a trip to the birthplace of Canada’s national park system... Read More

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glacier skywalk 4 - banff alberta canada - brewster travel canada - 620

Walking out from a 918-foot-high cliff and stepping above a sweeping valley is not for the faint of heart, but thanks to the brand new Glacier Skywalk in Banff, Canada, we all want to give it a whirl. Standing on the glass-floored observatory platform at the end of the trail... Read More

Banff National Park Guide

The first national park established in Canada (in 1885) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff National Park occupies a sweet spot in the Canadian Rockies and includes unspoiled wilderness and beautiful mountain lakes, like Lake Louise. Want to include Banff in your vacation plans? Follow our tips: ... Read More

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Amazing Canadian Train Routes

Canada features more than 3.8 million square miles of diverse landscapes ranging from rolling prairies to pristine glacial lakes. One of the best ways to explore the country is by train. Hop on board one of these lines for the rail adventure of a lifetime. Rocky Mountain Routes: The Canadian... Read More

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In life, being in the right place at the right time is often due to serendipity, but in travel, it almost always is a result of good planning. To avoid crowds and inflated prices, venture out between high and low seasons when the weather is fine, destinations are still... Read More


Set in the heart of Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fairmont’s Banff Springs Resort and Spa has lured royals and celebs since its opening in 1888 – well before Kate and Wills crossed the Canadian border. Given the area’s stunning natural aesthetics and the grandeur of... Read More

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Jenny Lake Lodge

By: Becca Bergman In the early 1900s, railroad companies built the first lodge hotels to lure well-off Easterners westward, promising easy living against a stunning backdrop. A century later, the clientele has changed, but the appeal has not. We chose national park lodges that are urban and remote, refined and... Read More

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Muir Woods Majestic Forest

Considering all the brands of extra-soft, ultra-cushioned toilet paper on supermarket shelves and junk mail stuffed in mailboxes these days, and it’s no surprise the world’s forests are shrinking at alarming rates. Every year, according to the United Nations, the world loses 13 million hectares of forest. So, in... Read More

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Aspen ski hotel

With several of the big ski resorts out west already reporting significant snowfall, it’s time to start thinking about your ski and snowboard plans for the winter. Hitting the slopes on vacation doesn’t have to mean a hard hit to your wallet, however, with these “ski free” packages from... Read More

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Ml Isunsetdock Resize

When the leaves turn golden and there’s a nip in the air necessitating a cozy wool sweater, it’s a wonderfully romantic time to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to a scenic lake – be it rustic and relaxing or chic and sophisticated. Here are four of my favorite lakeside locales... Read More

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iStock InternationalFind renewal in this fabled getaway of the Canadian Rockies

By: Glenn & Sarah Collins Ultimately, Banff – that fabled getaway in the Canadian Rockies – was the answer to our fervent wishes and a prayer or two. It was the solution to a thorny travel puzzle: where to situate a family summer vacation that grandparents, grown children, and a... Read More