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Will McGough is a writer focused on all types of travel, from swimming with pigs to parties in ice hotels. He is inspired by the spectrum of ways in which people live their lives in the different parts of the world. He enjoys the idea of waking up every day to new opportunities, new landscapes, and the new feelings that the former inevitably evoke. He doesn't discriminate: Massages, wine tasting, sailing, skydiving, and bed-and-breakfasts are all equally inviting. He writes daily about his travels on his blog, Wake and Wander.
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Sedona, Arizona Spiritual Vortexes

Of Sedona’s 100+ hiking trails, there are four that tend to stand out from the crowd. And it’s not their natural beauty, climate, or level of difficulty that makes them special, but rather, if you can believe it, the energy of their respective locations. Though many of its residents are there... Read More

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Pitch Lake in Trinidad

When Sir Walter Raleigh arrived at a peculiar, black-colored lake on the southeast coast of Trinidad in the late 17th century, he ordered his men to barrel up its contents. Though originally in search of El Dorado, the fabled city of gold, Raleigh instead stumbled upon a different treasure –... Read More

Nobis Hotel Stockholm

The 201-room Nobis Hotel in Stockholm sits on Norrmalmstorg Square and is in close proximity to the city’s business, shopping and entertainment district. It houses a restaurant and a bistro, offers good service, and it’s a pretty good-looking building. The rooms are modern (automated check-in, free Wi-fi) with mellow colors like... Read More

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How to Make the Most of Macedonia Travel

The Republic of Macedonia, a Balkan country in Eastern Europe, declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. It’s recognized by the UN as the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) due to a name dispute with Greece, who believes calling the country “Macedonia” creates ambiguity with the Greek Region of Macedonia, which in... Read More

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Altbier Dusseldorf

Ask anyone the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of Germany, and beer is sure to come up in conversation. We know all about Oktoberfest, and we know all about Munich, and light versus dark (or at least, enough to get by). But mention the local... Read More