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Whitney C. Harris is a freelance writer and editor originally from New York but currently hanging her hat in Dallas, TX. She covers everything lifestyle from the best quinoa dishes at local restaurants to the cheapest date night ideas. Her work has appeared in Philadelphia magazine, Working Mother, New York Family, and the now-defunct She is moderately obsessed with running and wholly obsessed with the idea of staying in a treehouse hotel on her next trip.
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A big part of the travel experience is bringing a piece of it home, so you can remember where you’ve been long after you’ve returned. We recommend skipping the chintzy souvenir shops and loading up on genuine local goods instead. Here, four ways to find items that really represent... Read More

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Not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16, Cinco de Mayo traditionally commemorates Mexico’s freedom from France. Today, May 5 remains one of the most notable occasions for recognizing the country’s rich history – and people use the day as a good excuse to celebrate Mexican heritage in all... Read More