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Trish Friesen chose an unlikely profession, given her fear of flying and propensity toward car, air, boat, train and chairlift sickness. Thanks to Gravol, Sea-Bands and cruise ship stabilizers, the reluctant jetsetter packs her carry-on once every two weeks, whether it's to swim with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef or to sample the latest libation in Portland. Trish unpacks her suitcase in Vancouver, Canada, where she’s the editor-in-chief of She moonlights for Fodor’s and, and she was recently featured in Expedia’s Find Yours ad campaign.

When we step into a hotel room we assume it’s going to be devoid of dirt, right? I’m not sure about you, but when I pay between $30 and $350 per night, I hope (read: expect) my room’s going to be squeaky – verging on lick-the-toilet – clean. Newsflash: it’s not.... Read More

healthy holiday getaway tips

We typically associate vacations with indulgence. While most of us maintain some form of dietary restraint at home, sitting on a beach or skiing on a slope is another story altogether, starring extra drinks, Parisian pastries, and sugary snacks. Factor in a vacation during the holidays– fraught with even... Read More

where to sip cocktails in Portland

Hemmed in by the Pacific Ocean, Tualatin Mountains, and a network of converging rivers, outdoorsy Portland takes food and drinks very seriously. After all, with millions of acres of nature to explore, its residents are a hungry and thirsty bunch who won’t settle for anything but fresh – especially... Read More

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Maui is a great off-the-beaten-path vacation idea

It’s that time of year. Jack Frost has taken his first bite out of winter and on the most dismal of days we start dreaming of leaning palm trees, swaying hula dancers, and any drink with an umbrella teetering on top. While driving or walking to work dodging sideways... Read More

travel etiquette at the pool

After making a splash with our recent flight and hotel etiquette miniseries, we wanted to turn our attention to the pool – an area just barely treading water in the travel manners department. I’m not sure if we should blame chair hogs, the invention of cell phones, waning social... Read More

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hotel etiquette

Following our recent flight etiquette post which drew an overflowing baggage carousel of comments, we thought we’d keep class in session, turning our attention to hotels. When I stay at a hotel, I try to be on my best behavior – even when I’m on vacation and I need... Read More

what to wear on a caribbean cruise

Like snowbirds, cruise ships migrate south for the winter, repositioning from San Francisco to Sydney or Vancouver to Miami, among other seasonal switch-ups. In search of aquamarine water and swaying palms, these cities at sea ply the open ocean offering sun seekers a taste of the good life, complete... Read More

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plane etiquette

If it’s not the guy showered in cologne in seat 33D, the lady airing out her bare feet in seat 31A, or the child eating a tuna sandwich in seat 32D, it’s something. Sadly, my etiquette expectations are low when surrounded by rows of strangers at 37,000 feet. I... Read More