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Originally from Austin, Texas, Stephanie Pitts first left the country for Havana, Cuba, as a foolhardy youth, and she hasn't looked back since. Craving cultural immersion as well as adventure on a budget, Stephanie has spent extended periods in several Latin American countries, including a year studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Whether volunteering in the Bolivian Amazon or learning to scuba dive off the coast of Colombia, she always looks forward to her next big trip. Stephanie moved to New York City in 2007 as an AmeriCorps member and has since filled her passport with stamps from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. While working as an online editorial intern at, she is also studying at NYU for an M.S. in Publishing. Most Recent Trip: Dubai. Next Trip: Road-tripping the American Southwest.
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Briggs & Riley Resize

Chances are you haven’t had to bear the entire weight of your suitcase since the early 1970s. Although we tend to take wheeled luggage for granted nowadays, Briggs and Riley (a division of US Luggage) fondly remembers a time 40 years ago when Bernard Sadow, former proprietor of US... Read More

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Cocktails 2 Resized

Since all we seem to hear about in air travel news these days is added fees and hidden charges, we were happy to track down some refreshing refreshment news over at AA. Starting in October, American Airlines will begin offering free alcoholic beverages to members in its domestic Admirals... Read More

Ritz Carlton Rewards Card

Last week the Ritz-Carlton launched its highly anticipated loyalty program, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, for frequent-stay customers. Though loyalty programs have typically been the domain of airlines and mid-range hotel chains, the luxury brand is trying to attract business and leisure travelers to boost hotel occupancy. The high-end hotel business has... Read More

Pr Release Taj Boston Resized

Whether traveling for business or pleasure during the here-before-you-know-it snowy winter months, Taj Boston will help you unwind and shake off the winter chill via a warm, crackling fire. The hotel’s 42 suites come with wood-burning fireplaces and the complimentary services of a fireplace butler. To build the... Read More

Boa Constrictor For Savvy Flyer

In another alarming incident of reptile (and other creepy crawler) smuggling aboard planes, a notorious Malaysian animal trafficker, Anson Wong, was arrested when authorities found 95 boa constrictors writhing in his luggage in the Kuala Lumpur airport late last month. Wong was taking the snakes to Jakarta, Indonesia, when... Read More