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Raef Harrison is an editorial intern at Sherman's Travel magazine while also pursuing his Masters of Science in Publishing at New York University. A West Coast native, he has crisscrossed both the U.S. and Canada, and has held an address in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Prague, Czech Republic; and Valencia, Spain. Now on the East Coast, he's enjoyed setting up his local haunts in Brooklyn and the East Village and has serious plans to take advantage of the cheap bus fares up and down the Eastern seaboard. Most Recent Trip: Paris. Next Trip: Pacific Northwest wine country.
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    Egypt’s ancient sites rank high on many must-see lists. But the logistics of visiting the vast, varied country can be daunting. Gliding along on these river tours allows guests to visit the land of pharaohs minus the hassle of planning. LESS THAN $2,000 Cruise Line: Travcotel About: For the... Read More


    There seems to be a pattern to the luxury resort scene on the islands of Hawaii. Large, opulently designed facilities perched on expansive, manicured grounds; Lavish patios with large pools and sun bathing acutremants; fancy celebrity chef-run restaurants and lounges; and in-house activities to keep you constantly entertained. By... Read More

    Boston snow

    The cold weather months may begin to ease up elsewhere, but it’s sometimes hard to tell in Boston. It may not be the most sought after vacation spot this time of year, but there is still a lot to do in the charming New England city during the winter... Read More


    You have traveled far, mighty traveler. You are tired. You have checked into your hotel room, dropped your bags, and feel refreshed after a shower. All thats required now is the perfect cocktail to make the world right again. But the hotel lobby bar is, well, in the lobby. And... Read More


    At first utterance, the name Kensington begs a sartorial tone of English pretension, said with a clenched jaw while swirling a sifter of aged brandy and dawning tweed. And really, that air might not be to far from what the Doyle Collection hotel group was going for when they... Read More

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    Life really is all about making an entrance. Be it a board meeting or a backyard BBQ, one should always enter with style. Same goes with your vacation destination. The people at the Six Sense Hideaway at Zighy Bay in Oman could not agree more. Part of the eco-conscious... Read More

    Golden Gate Bridge

    “Eco” and “luxury” are terms often incongruous with each other. Going green has traditionally meant skimping on comfort, and enjoying plush amenities has meant turning a cold shoulder to the environment. It is, however, 2010 and the two avenues of thinking are starting to come together, with exquisite results. ... Read More


    Fan of the ultra-mod? Want to be part of an art project? Want a complimentary iPhone during your stay? Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poznan, one of Poland’s oldest cities is calling your name. The concept behind Blow Up 5050 is that 50% of every project should be art, and... Read More


    January 18th is a day of infamy. Although not a national holiday (yet) it is, for many, a day of observance. For it marks the birth of a king. The King of Rock ‘N Roll. While Elvis’ birthday may have already come and gone, Music City is ready to keep... Read More

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    Pregnant and shoes

    Having a child is a wonderful thing. A stressful, busy, nerve wracking, wonderful thing. Amidst all the preparation for an addition to your family, it can be easy to forget about taking care of other things. Like yourself. Luckily, the hotel industry feels your labor pains. Expectant couples now have... Read More

    Jumping luggage

    With the excitement of a new destinations come the realities of the trip. Namely packing, unpacking, and packing again. We have stopped counting the number of socks or t-shirts gone missing, or the number of times we’ve had to dine in wrinkled sport coats. But what is a busy traveler... Read More

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    Romantic notes and poems. An unexpected bouquet of flowers. Heartfelt gifts and gregarious displays of affection. It’s true that love is an art form. But there is a science to it as well, and the biology of it all is often overlooked. This Valentine’s Day rediscover the biological side... Read More

    Vermont Trees

    It’s 2010 – the year of multi-tasking. What better way to embrace the new, efficient you then combining a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend and … furniture making?! The owners of ShackletonThomas, a furniture workshop in Bridgewater, Vermont believe there is no better way for couples to re-connect than by creating... Read More


    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live up in a bird’s nest? Yeah, we haven’t really either. That is, until we stumbled across the woven, human-size nest at the Treebone Resort in Big Sur, California. Now it’s possible to answer that burning question that has beenĀ (or... Read More


    If you’re like everyone here at ShermansTravel (and everyone else we know) you’re looking for ways to undo the damage of the holidays and to start the new decade off right. And to do this, we’re looking towards Utah. The Red Mountain Resort and Spa in St. George, Utah to... Read More